CSFB: Apple iPod Hi-Fi a harbinger of things to come

“Credit Suisse maintained an ‘outperform’ rating on Apple Computer on the heels of the company’s new product announcements [iPod Hi-Fi, Mac mini],” Peter Kang reports for Forbes. “The Hi-Fi, with a price tag of $349, is more expensive compared with third-party iPod accessories items made by Bose, JBL and Altec Lansing, the analyst said. ‘We expect Hi-Fi to be successful, but do not believe it will be a blockbuster product as its functionality is very similar to that of the Bose, which is still recognized as a leader in acoustics.’ Despite Semple’s tempered expectations for the Hi-Fi, the research analyst said the product launch is a harbinger of things to come and expects Apple to roll out more peripheral products.”

Kang reports, “The analyst has a $90 price target on Apple. ‘Fundamentals at Apple remain very strong despite potential x86 transition issues and iPod seasonality in the March quarter,’ said Semple.”

Full article here.

Apple’s brand new iPod Hi-Fi speaker system. Home stereo. Reinvented. Available now for $349 with free shipping.
Apple’s new Mac mini. Intel Core, up to 4 times faster. Starting at just $599. Free shipping.
MacBook Pro. The first Mac notebook built upon Intel Core Duo with iLife ’06, Front Row and built-in iSight. Starting at $1999. Free shipping.
iMac. Twice as amazing — Intel Core Duo, iLife ’06, Front Row media experience, Apple Remote, built-in iSight. Starting at $1299. Free shipping.
iPod Radio Remote. Listen to FM radio on your iPod and control everything with a convenient wired remote. Just $49.
iPod. 15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 150 hours of video. The new iPod. 30GB and 60GB models start at just $299. Free shipping.
Connect iPod to your television set with the iPod AV Cable. Just $19.

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  1. In reply to MacsKing’s comment – I also went into the Apple Store up here in Syracuse, NY and it was incredibly crowded and completely bubbled with excitement. People were buying stuff, store clerks were running around…it was mild chaos. Let’s hope this continues!

  2. I forgot…what about companies like JBL, Creative, or any other company that targets computer audio? I am fully aware that Bose are not high quality…but sitting next to them on the shelf at the store were a pair of JBL’s that I bought. So far, no complaints. Anybody?

  3. Idustry sayings

    No highs or lows, it must be Bose.
    JBL = Junk, but loud.

    I think the ipod Hi-Fi will sell because it will go louder and have deeper bass than the other all in one solutions and it has “wife appeal”. No messy bits of wire and lots of buttons so marital harmony should be assured. I was just expecting something more from Apple and Jonathan Ive, like a silver grill for starters.

    With Bonjour I can see an autonomous Wi-Fi-Hi-Fi that will play from your itunes library on the cards. Apple will be releasing more consumer products as it not only helps iPod and iTMS sales but also gives them more products to sell in its stores.

  4. HiFi a Harbinger of things to come? What? Maybe a small fridge and a blender to go with that butt-ugly breadbox!!! I’m going to my Apple store right now with a loaf of Wonder bread, I’m going up to the HiFi, and I’m going to scream “how do I open this damn thing!” at the top of my lungs. “I’ve got some bread to deposit!!!” Ok, I feel better now.

  5. To Anti-Bose…Thank you!

    I have listened to the Bose peripheral and I was expecting to be impressed, but I was not! I just felt that the sound, while somewhat loud, was missing something. The richness and complexity was not really there. Now I know why.

  6. things are not looking good for Bose, the mall of america store in Minnesota just shut it’s doors after a few year run there. I bought those $100 computer speakers there, went thru 2 pairs in as many weeks, eventually got my money back and went with the $100 Klipsch they sell at Apple stores, I love them!

  7. Wow. anti-Bose and MacDude saying the opposite things on Bose a minute apart: Crossing in the internet!

    anti-Bose: I agree. Spent $1,400 on a system that is DULL compared to a pair of Aperion Audio speakers ($700). Also got Comfort 3 headphones that started “buzzing” within a year. I understand how marketing gets people sucked in- after all, look at Microsoft…

    MW: foot. The foot is up Bose’ …

  8. great, apple can sell a boombox while they lose the education market…priorities!!

    in case you didn’t know…apple IS losing in education. school districts which were formerly apple strongholds are switching to PC’s. want to know the reason? many use a web-based application to keep track of grades and attendance and it doesn’t work anything but internet explorer.

    i just don’t understand why apple isn’t investing more in education versus creating an ipod boombox.

  9. daveo,

    You said “any use a web-based application to keep track of grades and attendance and it doesn’t work anything but internet explorer”

    First off, any web-based applications that only work with IE have thier days numbered. Every quarter IE’s strangle hold on the browser market drops 1% or more. Firefox, Opera, Safari all suport standards based browsing set out by the W3C. If your solution isn’t heading towards standards based support, it is fallling behind the times.

    Those school districts should check out a more standards compliant version of the same idea. Something like….

  10. Went to the Apple store today. Heard the hi-fi.
    OUTSTANDING sound…This is a kick ass device.
    Now..a short bit of background. I have worked as an audio engineer, producing music in some extremely well equipped studios for a number of years (among other jobs. I’ve been involved with and worked with some of the best gear on the planet. The Hi-Fi is really meant to be a bookshelf speaker system not an audiophile tool. It won’t replace a high end sterero obviously. It was not meant to. What it WILL do is be that “product that fills the need” in many situations. It’s best suited to dorm rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, decks, patios, and other casual environments where you would prefer to listen to your music collection conveniently without wiring your house, buying a system that has weaker sound, use CD’s, or deal with radio static. Again..this thing SOUNDS great.
    It’s VERY important to remember that outside of a studio environment or one that is acoustically tuned EVERY other place you listen to music is compromised. Your car, your living room, your basement, your yard, your garage…I don’t care…In THOSE places there is just no way you can tell me you can tell the difference between an MP3 and an AIFF file. Other audio professionals understand this and agree with me.
    Is it overpriced? Yes…by about $50…But beyond that it’s a very good way to listen to music in a well made package.

  11. pr…

    If what you say is true (I have no possible way to verify it), then the $50 overpricing on the speakers pays for possible better integration with the iPod itself.

    I guess I’ll have to listen to one myself to see if it’s something I’d be interested in, but the idea of having a high quality iPod integrated boom box is appealing to me. Not sure if I’d want to spend $350 on one, but I might consider it.

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