Apple Mac OS X clearly offers superior security over Microsoft Windows

“Some things just aren’t credible on their face, so when George Ou mined Secunia’s security advisories for vulnerability data to prove that Mac OS X is less secure than Windows/XP, I had an immediate problem. According to his research Secunia’s security advisories since January 2004 cover about 238 serious Mac OS X vulnerabilities and only 95 Windows/XP ones, and a 2.5:1 ratio favoring Windows didn’t seem reasonable,” Paul Murphy blogs for ZDNet. “Now, in fact, Secunia doesn’t issue vulnerability reports, they issue security advisories – 37 of them with respect to Mac OS X and 151 with respect to Windows/XP (Home and Professional only), during the period. Since those numbers show a 4:1 ratio in Apple’s favor – the opposite of what George found – I’m guessing he got his result by looked inside each advisory to count the CVEs it mentioned.”

“Unfortunately that’s not the worst problem with the analysis. The biggest problem is that he invites the reader to draw a wholly erroneous conclusion from his numbers: that Mac OS is less secure than Windows/XP,” Murphy blogs. “The reality is that a vulnerability without an exploit doesn’t threaten anyone’s security… you need a legal login to get started and the exploit is aimed at raising your permission levels. That’s traditional for an attacker in a multi-user environment, but absurd for a MacOS X desktop machine for which the only legal user has full control already. In Wintel’s case virtually every vulnerability is exploitable; that’s why there are thousands of successful attacks and why we see a daily parade of new viruses, worms, or other threats… the simple reality is that almost no MacOS X users have ever been affected by viruses or worms – while virtually every Windows/XP user wastes at least some time on this every day.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The fact that the security of Mac OS X and Windows are even being discussed in the same breath means that the AV companies and Microsoft apologists are achieving their goal. It’s also another great proof that humans are generally stupid. Obviously, our headline and the whole discussion really should go without saying.

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  1. Of course, that’s not to discount Murphy’s work.

    I appreciate it. He had two great pieces a while back. One was proving that PCs actually cost more than Macs. The other showed beyond any doubt that Macs are faster than PCs.

    He’s a sharp guy. (you know, for a Linux guy)

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  2. Not only do Windows users waste time dealing with viruses as the article states – the article forgot to mention how much people spend on anti-virus software, as well as the hit that their CPU’s take trying to run the stuff in the background. Go Mac.

  3. I don’t even click to read the “full story” anymore to read these idiots. I recommend no one else does either. Why give the author “hits” he doesn’t deserve.

    And a reason more PC authors are writing about Apple – Windows comparisons. To get “hits”.

    He’s just another pathetic PC user who’s embarrassed about himself. I won’t say “writer” because clearly all of these people on this bandwagon are not writers or anywhere “tech” knowledgable. Even though they claim to be.

  4. And Microsoft’s operating system has one other thing to contend with and that’s spyware which wastes probably more users time on windows trying to get rid of it than viruses. The credability of Seconia’s claim was invalid from the very start and I hope most Mac users knew that already.

    I’m just happy to see someone else write to state the obvious for OSX’s security which all of us knew already.

  5. The facts are the facts….

    The Apple OS is full of security holes. All you have to do is count the number of holes Apple has patched all ready.

    In the “real IT world” we deal with the very simple concept – any security breach is a problem and OS X has so many more security problems then Windows. That is why Apple will never make inroads into the enterprise class environment either as a workstation or a server.

    Apple computers make look nice but the are far more insecure then Windows.


    note: the current patch still allows a bad .mov or .jpeg file to delete you entire user directory contents on a double click! no warning no cancel button – all of the files would be deleted instantly.

  6. in·se·cure
    Not sure or certain; doubtful: unemployed and facing an insecure future.
    Inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe: A shortage of military police made the air base insecure.
    Not firm or fixed; unsteady: an insecure foothold.

    Lacking stability; troubled: an insecure relationship.
    Lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety: had always felt insecure at parties.

  7. the “real” it world is s*Iting in its collective pants and those that offer daily burnt offerings to Billy Boy and the Chair Thrower are in gear of their furure jobs. A lot of companies are replacing aging hardware with X Serves because they are not powerful enough to run the vaporware OS Vista.

    Sputnick and his ilk are desperately looking for help from apple certified consultants, or getting apple certified themseleves for job security because their jobs are in jeopardy….and they can’t do anything about it. Many Non IT business execs are demanding their companies switch to XServe’s every day and the IT folks can’t stop it.

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