Survey hints at Apple iTunes movie service with subscription, a la carte models explored

“Apple Computer may be in the intermediate stages of developing an iTunes movie download service that would serve up full length feature films to iTunes customers with a broadband Internet connection, AppleInsider has learned,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “A survey distributed this week through Coyote Insight, a Fullerton, Calif.-based market research firm, asked that participants answer a series of questions related to a potential ‘iTunes movie service’ that would provide on-demand access to movies that could be downloaded to a computer or iPod. ‘This iTunes service would provide access to 1,000 movies on demand which can be downloaded to your computer and, in turn, to your video iPod if you have one, or even your television if it is connected to your computer,’ read a description early in the survey.”

“The service would function similarly to Apple’s existing iTunes download services for songs and videos with one or two differences, the survey explains: ‘The first difference is you would need to have a high speed (broadband) Internet connection such as DSL or cable modem to use the service. The second difference is access to the movies is offered on a monthly subscription basis,'” Jade reports. “‘Instead of subscribing for $9.99 a month to download the offered movies, another option is to buy the movies individually,’ the survey reads. ‘You would be able to select any movie available on this service, download it to your PC where you can keep it as long as you like. You would be able to view it on your computer as well as play it on your video capable iPod.'”

More in the full article here.

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  1. Subscriptions for movies would work, because usually people watch it once and that’s that.

    I got ambitious and ripped over 110 DVD movies (fsck the DCMA I was 14 miles offshore ok?) and got them all on my viPod.

    Didn’t watch a single movie.

    1: Screen too small, missed a lot of needed detail

    2: Already saw most of the movies already.

    3: Quality of the 320 x 240 res on a larger screen was horrible. Just wound up popping the original DVD movie in.

    4: Arm hurt holding viPod just inches from eyeballs.

    This can compete very well with Netflix though, if Apple gets as much content as they do it would be a great service.

  2. makes sense, a la: netflix. NetFlix is taking the US by storm and i see people switch all the time. The problem: time! Wouldnt u like to see a movie 3 hours after you queue* it versus 1 to 3 days?? Yah thats what I thought.

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