Former Grokster President: Steve Jobs and Apple iTunes are going to be toast

“Steve Jobs helped save the music biz from file sharers like Shawn Fanning and Wayne Rosso. Now Fanning and Rosso–the creator of Napster and former president of Grokster, respectively–want to save the labels from Jobs. Apple’s iTunes store practically created the music-downloads business, and according to NPD controls 70% of online sales. Says Rosso: ‘Steve Jobs has them by the balls.’ Rosso now heads a file-sharing service called Mashboxx, which bought Grokster’s assets and plans to start selling authorized downloads by summer. It has deals with Universal Music and Sony BMG and is negotiating with EMI and Warner Music. The service will be powered by Snocap, a system Fanning designed that lets peer-to-peer networks filter out ‘stolen’ files,” Robert Levine reports for Fortune.

“Rosso, 57, an almost cartoonishly outspoken former publicist, is spoiling for a fight. ‘Steve Jobs and Apple are going to be toast,’ he says. ‘There’s going to be a completely different landscape.’ Toast, maybe not–but the game may well change, if only because of two other entrants: MTV and,” Levine reports. “The former will launch Urge, an online store that sells music in Windows Media format, by summer. And Amazon (Research) will reportedly start a service that could include its own music player.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Blah, blah, blah. Too. Many. iPods. Substitute “” for any of the “iTunes Killers” above to find out how this oft-told story will end.

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  2. I think I’m going to start my own digital music download service. I’m going to call it and it’s going to be fantastic. Jobs is going to cry when he finds out. It’s going to kill the iPod killers, followed shortly by the iPod itself. I don’t have any facts to back up this claim, but you’ve read it here on the internet, so it must be true.

    My business plan is flawless:

    1) Launch digital music store.
    2) Defeat iTMS.

    I know where the others have gone wrong and failed. They left off step two!! How dumb was that?

  3. Just buy your music from and you don’t have to worry about DRM or having your music locked to one particular type of player, be it Microsoft or Apple. Plus its cheaper. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. As Amy Poehler said recently on SNL when she was playing Kelly to Daryl Hammond’s Regis . . .

    “Regis, when you say those things all I hear is blordy blorp blorp blordy bloop.”

  5. I still don’t get why anyone buys music ffom any of these services. The quality is terrible. Buy the CD and if you think it is one song with filler, copy it and resell it. No DRM. High quality sound. Plays on any future player that may be better than iPod some day. Which will happen. Ask GM, IBM, Sony, and I hope Microsoft in the near future about being number 1 forever.

  6. (With Apologies to Yogi)

    Virgin, Sony, Coca Cola (?!), BuyMusic.con, Napster, Real, Dell, Rio, Creative, Wal-Mart, Micro$oftopoly and probably the guy who fixes your car have all had the same target–Apple & the iPod and all have already failed or are getting their a*s roundly kicked. Sony tried to play hardball with Apple in their home market (Japan) and now Apple has over 50% of the market less than a year in.

    Yes, I put Micro$oftopoly in as they qualify twice. (1) they make the world’s worst media player (WiMP-Windoze Media Player) and (2) They own a music store so exclusive that Ballmer’s kid is the only one who uses it.

    Would you like to join this distinguished club of iTunes/iPod wannabes? A new office has opened to help you get in the biz, as it were. Send your money to:

    There’s One Born Every Minute
    1 P.T. Barnum Square
    New York, New York

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