Stock futures up on speculation that Apple will snap up Disney

“U.S. stock market futures tilted higher Monday, helped by a published report suggesting that Walt Disney & Co. may be snapped up by Apple Computer and by a decline in crude-oil futures,” The Associated Press reports. “On Monday, Walt Disney & Co. was trading at $28.17 in Frankfurt from a Friday close of $27.98, as Barron’s suggested that Apple Computer may buy the firm once Steve Jobs becomes Disney’s leading shareholder.”

Full article here.

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  1. the other other mark.

    Cool post.

    My comments

    Akamai – May make Apple a better IT contender which it has never been however I don’t think that Steve J. cares about the IT Enterprise market

    Avid – DigiDesign, M-Audio and others will come. This one makes perfect sense ant it is in the creative industry which is Apple’s sweet spot.

    EMI – Won’t happen. It will alienate other record labels.

    Harman – Don’t see what they would bring to Apple. Would they sell any more hardware, software, music services with this. Not likely

    Sybase – Sybase is pretty much irrelevant. The DB market is owned by IBM, Oracle, and MS. Too small market share to add any value.

    Adobe – Perfect fit for Apple and it is nearby

    EMC – No value to Apple here. I doubt Apple’s server market share is big enough to justify such an aquisition.

    ADIC – Same as EMC

    I will add two of my own

    – Any of the large game software companies. Apple has nothing here and users complaint a lot about lack of games on the Mac.
    – Acquire Quicken and QuickBooks for the Mac from Intuit – Let Apple build them and maintain compatibility – May not be feasible.
    – Native Instruments – Probably the best music software company.

    Does anyone have a different opinion.

  2. JEG:

    Harman’s value to Apple is almost analogous to Avid’s value.

    Harman own the following brands…

    Domestic/Consumer AV
    Harman-Kardon (duh!) – home AV
    JBL – speakers for home/car/marine
    Lexicon Consumer – luxury (with a capital L) home audio
    Mark Levinson – even more luxurious than Lexicon
    Infinity – nice home & auto speakers
    Becker – nice in-car entertainment
    Audio Access – multi-room audio/video control

    Soundcraft – Music recording mixing desks (largely)
    Studer – digital mixing desks/mixing desks for the radio industry/etc.
    Lexicon Pro – stuff that makes stuff sound odd/nicer/echoey
    AKG – Mics
    DigiTech – stuff that makes guitars sound different
    DBX – noise reduction

    a whole lot I can’t be bothered to write about


    QNX – creators of real-time operating systems, much beloved of telematics types.

    $7.3 billion, and you get to the point where anything you want to do with audio can be done by paying some part of the Apple empire, whether you’re a consumer or a pro of whatever type (radio/live/recording).

    There’s a hell of a lot that can be done with all of that stuff to make it work as part of a wider Apple audio/visual vision: for instance, would people be whining so much about yesterday’s iPod Hi-Fi announcement if Apple had branded it Infinity by Apple or JBL by Apple – probably not, cause it’s hard to argue with the audio credentials of either company.

    Likewise, if you wanted to prove that Apple had a complete pro audio vision, you could have AKG by Apple “virtual” mics that simulated the “sound” of a range of microphones, fed into a Macintosh recording environment using either Soundcraft or Studer by Apple desks (all running through high-bandwidth Firewire connections) prior to being effects-routed to Lexicon/Digitech by Apple equipment whilst being monitored on calibrated JBL by Apple monitors and calibrated AKG by Apple headphones, prior to being mastered with DBX by Apple noise reduction.

    Just my vision, you don’t have to agree with it.

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