Stock futures up on speculation that Apple will snap up Disney

“U.S. stock market futures tilted higher Monday, helped by a published report suggesting that Walt Disney & Co. may be snapped up by Apple Computer and by a decline in crude-oil futures,” The Associated Press reports. “On Monday, Walt Disney & Co. was trading at $28.17 in Frankfurt from a Friday close of $27.98, as Barron’s suggested that Apple Computer may buy the firm once Steve Jobs becomes Disney’s leading shareholder.”

Full article here.

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  1. If he does this, it would be a major media coup d’ete. Think about it, Disney not only owns parks and antiquated character rights, but ABC, ESPN, radio, Buena Vista (movie and music distributor), movie studios, talent, etc. Apple would be the media king, with content and distribution rights. Now, considering that Apple owns the prefered distribution medium, competition will either have to join Apple and offer content through iTunes or be left out of the digital boom. Apple would set the price. Microsoft would not be able to catch up, ever!

    I think that Steve will keep this as an option, but it will not be exercised unless Microsoft forms digital competition. Since this is not likely to happen, then I do not believe that Apple will aquire Disney.

  2. Example of journalists making up news just to make up news for sites such as MDN to pick up to increase web site hits.

    Steve Jobs may own X% of Disney. But Apple does not. Jobs traded his stock in Pixar (not Apple) to Disney.
    Why didn´t Jobs first have Apple buy Pixar then does this ridiculous idea of Apple buy Disney? There is really nothing at Disney that Apple wants or needs.

  3. Actually, the only flaw in this story are the words.

    There are literally a plethora of acquisition options that would make more sense to Apple…

    Akamai (increase margins on iTMS, make money from other IT players)

    Avid (own audio/video content creation, by owning all of the major players)

    EMI Group plc (an affordable music-only media company, actually the only affordable music-only media company – increase margins on iTMS, gain proxy place at the table whenever the RIAA meet up to work out how to hold back the 20th century, gain the ability to put Yoko Ono back in her box)

    Harman Industries (this may well not seem so incredible tomorrow)

    Sybase (cheaper than Oracle, guarantees the future of at least one commercial-grade RDBMS on Xserve which will become more important once the Intel migration is complete)

    Adobe (should I need to explain)

    EMC (Fill out the storage array line, sell Xserve RAID on an OEM basis to a wider range of customers who don’t see Apple in this space, acquire Dantz, Legato and VMWare as a by-product)

    ADIC (major tape library vendor, plus information lifecycle software – XSan uses a subset of their technology).

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