Microsoft to offer six versions of Windows Vista

“Microsoft Corp. plans six core offerings of its upcoming Windows Vista operating system, targeting how people use computers instead of PC hardware specifications, the company said Monday,” Reuters reports. “The world’s largest software maker plans three offerings aimed at consumers, two at business users and a stripped-down edition for emerging markets… The company, which accidentally posted some details of the Vista product lineup on one of its Web sites earlier in the month, has promised that Vista will feature improved security, simplified search across the desktop and a cleaner interface… Microsoft will also offer a version of Vista Home Basic and Vista Business without a Windows Media Player in Europe to comply with European Union antitrust rulings.”

“We’re delivering the exact same number of offerings as in Windows XP, but the big difference is that each of those offerings are targeted differently with a different set of features,” said Barry Goffe, director of Microsoft’s Windows client product marketing,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:
Ballmer: How come only three versions, Barry? As with everything, food, dancing, hair, you name it, more is better. Make it six versions. I can sell that.
Goffe: Okay boss. I’ll make it the exact same as Windows XP, but with the big difference of it not being exactly the same, but targeted to the same differently-defined targets with the exact same features, but the big difference is that each feature will feature differently-targeted feature sets. Then we’ll just market the shit out of it.
Ballmer: Makes perfect sense to me. Thank God that 50% of the world is below average and that 35% of the rest are too lazy to care.

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  1. New movie title: Six Degrees of Shit Excretion, starring Steve Ballmer as Jabba The Hutt and Bill Gates and the wormy nerd next door. In this movie, the good scientist, played by Steve Jobs, have found a cure for a horrible wave of viruses that has plagued our society. The evil Jabba The Hutt decides that the only way he can continue his domination of society is to make more ways for his evil virus strains to reproduce, so he creates six separate colons through which his evil viruses can travel. The ignorant American public, not knowing or caring the difference, continues to purchase these unclean bowels, as they have all been cloned from sheep and therefore do not know any better. But in the end, a smaller but smarter religious group called Mac Heads ultimately find a way to defeat Jabballmer by avoiding his dirty colons altogether, choosing instead to side with the smart/good scientist Jobs.

    Hey, it could happen.

  2. Chill people. I am a human, “actual and whole” – made of flesh and bone, saliva and sperm.

    I have been using Macs since the 128k and have NEVER purchased a windows (or DOS) computer. But I have kids. And my kids like games. Their evil step-dad is a Wintel guy and frankly, I can’t compete. Sure, I’d love to see the more games companies release equal and simultaneous for the Mac. I grieved when MSFT bought bungie, and still purchased three copies of Halo/Mac when it was released. But we also spent dozens of wasted hours trying to get Windows games running under Virtual PC with acceptable performance (even loading it as a proxy “Finder” under OS 9.) But that was on my PMG4. And as far as I know VPC was never updated for the G5 (ISTR Big vs. Little Endian something or other…)

    Sure I could *buy* a gaming PC, but that would defeat the purpose.

    Anyway, I just sold both of our 12″ PowerBook G4’s and plan to get MacBooks (or whatever the Intel iBooks are called when released.) I suppose Virtual PC will do what I want. But I’ll still need a Windows to run under it, and my point remains: All I want is a lean Windows for gaming. So I can impress the young ones.

  3. Let sell six versions so we can charge an arm and a leg for the one that may actually work which would be the enterprise version. Which I’m sure will cost like $2000.00 a copy.

    What a scam! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”rolleyes” style=”border:0;” />

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