Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld bloopers video

Even Steve Jobs slips up from time to time.

Watch a compilation of Steve Jobs’ and others’ Macworld Expo Keynote Presentation bloopers over recent years here.

MacDailyNews Take: Some funny stuff, many of which we witnessed firsthand. One of the very best we experienced in person was Jobs tossing the digital camera that wouldn’t work off the front of the stage. Ah, the memories!

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  1. Pretty funny stuff, after all, I did think the Letterman/Gates thing was a riot. Remember that MDN piece a while back about how SJ gets wound-up WAY tight before a MW presentation? I guess he’s trying to avoid moments like these.

  2. Classic! Thanks MDN.

    Is it my imagination or did most of those bloopers happen while using an early classic version of explorer? Now we know why Apple developed Safari. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. THAT is the infamous camera throwing incident?!?!?! People are making way too much out of nothing. To say Steve is an ass because he threw a camera at an employee is ludicrous. Watch the video, the whole thing is so benign I can’t beleive that anyone but the stanuchest Apple hater would say that was anything but him just tossing it to lighten the mood and move on.

    And underhand toss to a guy in the front row of the audience. Yeah, real hostile.

  4. i recall another instance where his Keynote remote stopped working, to which he commented, after picking up a backup remote,

    “well, we’re not the ones who make these.”

    My favorite awkward moment, however, is when he was showing off Widgets and he opened up the stock one to see that apple’s price had fallen.

    “oh…It looks like we’re actually a bit down… well, the keynote isn’t over yet.”

    you know you don’t have a life when you can quote mac keynotes.

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