Sydney Morning Herald: get on the Apple Intel-based Mac train now

“Sitting on my bench I have, to the right, my trusty 20-inch G5 iMac with a PowerPC heart beating at 1.8 GHz, and to the left, the new 20-inch iMac with a Core Duo Intel engine rated at 2 GHz. The view is stunning,” Garry Barker writes for The Sydney Morning Herald. “So then, the big question. Is this new machine really twice as fast as the PowerPC model, as Apple boss Steve Jobs said at Macworld?”

“All the iLife ’06 and iWork ’06 applications, Safari and the other bundled applications have been rewritten for Intel and run as if regreased. Non-Intel-compliant software seems to run no faster but then again, no slower, on the new machine. This probably means that the faster Intel chip is making up for the fact that the old software is being converted on the fly to work on the new processor,” Barker reports. “The greater proof of the new platform’s power will come later when professional applications, such as Adobe’s Creative Suite, are rewritten for it. Microsoft will bring Office:mac into the new era, probably next year, but a speed boost for a word processor is unlikely to have anyone singing hallelujah. And PowerPoint, while still useful, is now not an option for most Mac users. They prefer Keynote, which is already rewritten for Intel.”

“So should you buy now or wait a bit? I intend to buy, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your PowerPC iMac still has good resale value. It will continue to do so, but the second-hand price must inevitably decline as Intel-compliant applications emerge and more Intel machines are bought. Secondly, this is the new generation,” Barker writes. “It will cost you no more to get on the train now.”

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  1. I wouldn’t buy the current intel iMac, here’s why:

    Remember seeing pictures of the inside of the iMac G5? It was crammed full, the case was as small as could possibly be to house the components.

    Remember the pictures of the inside of the iMac Core Duo? It’s mostly empty space. The iMac Core Duo and the MacBook Pro both use the same components. There’s no reason that the new iMac has to be so big. They just kept the same case to make the transition smooth. But since Apple designs its cases to have the tightest tolerance possible, I’m 100% positive the next-generation iMac will be SIGNIFICANTLY smaller & thinner. I’ll wait for it.

  2. when will you guys realize that the people and the computers you worship are crappy. If they were as good as you continuously say they are, then why don’t they hold a large piece of the market share? Because they are lame, restricting machines that only my grandmother uses… because iLife is so basic and limited that it is perfect for someone born 60 years before computers where invented. That is all.

  3. I think Joop is right; the next gen iMac will be super sweet. I don’t see why they couldn’t make an iMac that looks similar to a standard cinema display. In fact, I think it’s entirely possible that the computer could have a detachable base and touch screen functionality.

  4. AOL is total CRAP!

    Screw DELL!

    MSoft I hate you for spending thousands of $$$ and getting no results for years!

    Magic word “doing”: What is Intel chip doing in a Mac? Everything PC users could only wish to do with their dull little crappy boxes.

  5. Truth be told, I love Mac OS X but like most people i can’t afford a Mac. IMacs’ are nice but not expandable as are mini macs. For under a thousand dollars, I believe 800 bucks, you can get a dual core HP. 54 dollar memory upgrades and not expensive sodimms. Dual core laptops with 15.4″ screen are about 1200. Granted they are not as pretty as a mac but at least you have some money left over.

  6. Bob

    Take a wander over to Sourceforge and have a look at just how much free software is available for the Mac. Virtually all the UNIX and Linux stuff has been ported. Of course, the great thing about OSX is that it’s the only UNIX with the big commercial desktop apps available for it, so you can replace the free versions with the grown up packages over time if you decide you want to.

    Also, now that the Intel migration is in full swing, I think you’re going to see a few surprises from Apple on the pricing front. Apple RAM is very expensive, but when you buy a Mac just get the base model and top it up with RAM from Crucial. Much cheaper than the Apple stuff and I’ve never had a problem with it. Click on the MDN ad and check out how much better the prices are if you want a better idea.

    Please don’t buy the HP. Although the NX range are great looking and sturdy machines, they’re seriously hobbled by Windows. I’d hate for you to shell out the money and kick yourself three months later.

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