Did Apple’s large buy help cause NAND flash memory glut in early 2006?

“Several large buyers, including Apple Computer, may have overbooked on NAND flash memory during the fourth quarter of last year, causing a NAND flash memory glut in early 2006, according to iSuppli Corp.,” Tariq reports for AppleInsider.

“Slower seasonal demand, combined with overbooking and inventory adjustments, has caused the NAND flash memory market to enter a temporary lull, the research firm said on Wednesday. ‘In the first quarter, sales have decelerated for key consumer-electronics products that incorporate NAND flash, such as Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod music player.’ While such slowdowns are typical in the first quarter following the holiday season, iSuppli believes this phenomenon is leading to an acute oversupply situation in the NAND market in early 2006,” Tariq reports.

Full article here.

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  1. We already have five iPods in the family – ain´t buying any more for the foreseeable future.

    Yea I got too many as well and this is what I’ve found.

    1: You need to purchase or have a considerable amount of music to have enough to offer enough variety to avoid using the radio. So figure spending a few thousand at least.

    2: Watching video on the iPod is a pain, it would be good for a plane trip or if you ride the bus a hour or two everyday. But your arms will get tired, you miss a lot of detail of the movie because of the small screen.

    (video headsets are coming)

    3: iPods are good for mostly music, that’s their primary usage.

    4: I have a large iPod in the car, it gets the most use.

    5: The soundcheck and random play don’t work worth a dam on iPods

    6: Music videos are only good to show off the video iPod.

    7: You buy the latest iPod and think your hip, for about a few months because Apple comes out with something all so much cooler.

    8: People want a iPod but they don’t want the baggage of a computer along with it. They then go get XM Radio and make due with that.

  2. And one needs when they own an iPod:
    – computer (and all that goes with it)
    – fast, broadband connection
    – credit card (buy tunes)
    – spend a bit of one´s time maintaining/updating the music on the iPod.

    And everyone needs their own iPod and individual iTunes setup. Not like a Walkman where you take any walkman and slap your own CDs in it.

  3. Nolan, that’s why Amazon is gonna make a jump into the market. My bet is that they aren’t gonna create their own player but rather just rebrand iPods and Zens, Apple iPod by Amazon and Creative Zen by Amazon along with whatever music you choose to buy preloaded on your music player of choice.

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