Analyst: new Intel-based Mac mini, iBook, iPod ‘boombox’ may debut at Apple event next Tuesday

“Apple Computer, maker of iPod music players and Macintosh computers, could be adding versions of its Mac Mini and iBook laptop with Intel chips next week,” Bloomberg News reports. “American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu predicted the introduction of the computers and a new portable stereo for the iPod after Apple sent out an E-mail invitation yesterday for a ‘fun’ product announcement on Feb. 28 at its California headquarters.”

“An updated version of the $499 Mac Mini, Apple’s lowest-priced computer, and iBook consumer notebooks may be next, Wu said. Jobs promised last month that all Macs will sport Intel chips by the end of this year in a switch from processors from IBM,” Bloomberg News reports. “Jobs, who turns 51 this week, may also use the event to introduce accessories including an iPod-based ‘boombox’ or portable stereo, Wu said.”

Full article here.

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  1. He (Shaw Wu) also sees Apple reaching the 1 billion iTunes downloads milestone by the time the Feb. 28th event rolls around.

    This absolutely laughable, even an idiot could predict that. With six more days to go before the 28th and a selling rate or 3 M songs/day that target should be reached within 1.5 days with the ticker now at about 997.8 M songs.

  2. iRave

    It’ll be one of those gesture screens, but with multiple iPod docks, and it’ll allow DJs to mix tracks from the iPods by gesturing on the virtual turntables.

    And it’ll pipe the whole lot through a banging sound system, and will have a built-in laser projector.

    And a smoke machine.

    And a Vodka & Red Bull dispenser.

  3. Ya know I just got a Mac Mini. I’m using it with an El Gato Eye TV 500, a newer Technology 325 Gig HD to be the center piece of my media computer. It plug seamlessly into my 32″ Samsung LCD HDTV. The system works well with the off air HDTV antenna I got from It time shifts programs flawlessly. Now all I have to do is make it an allowed computer on my itunes library and I can access the last 2 seasons of Battle Star Galactica I have on my ipod. Anybody out there want to buy an old Techniques power amp and some used VCR’s a DVD burner and DVD player and an old Replay TV 20 Gig unit? Guess I’ll try Ebay.

  4. Fun is not Pro!

    fun obviously means consumer but not pro. So I guess it will be not anything for serious work but rather something to relax with fun.

    It could pretty well be something like iPod Boom box or media related stuff like MacMini Media Center.

    Wouldn´t this be fun?

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