Report: Apple Retail Store coming to Manchester’s Arndale Centre (UK)

A new Apple Retail Store is coming to “Manchester’s Arndale Centre [UK]. Huh? Yep, that’s right, the Arndale Centre that is just 7 miles from the current store at the Trafford Centre. But why there? Consider this: Apple currently has stores in some city centres – Birmingham and Regent Street, and also in out of town malls [Bluewater, Meadowhall, Brent Cross and The Trafford Centre] and clearly Apple believes Manchester City Centre to be worthy of the Apple Store treatment. The documentation I have shows the location as “Solicitors Instructed”, and my source tells me that Apple have now signed a lease for the location,” myMacPad reports. “The Apple Store’s location is within the huge re-development of the Arndale, rumoured to open in April.”

Full article featuring screen shot and floor plan of the Arndale Centre that show an Apple store here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Nik” for the link.]

Apple’s current UK Retail Store information here.

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  1. Dj…

    and manchester (UK) has lots of it, mostly wet. …. and then there is the scallies…. oh no not the scallies!!!!

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  2. The Arndale centre is not 7 minutes from the Trafford Centre as reported. More like half an hour if the traffice is not too heavy. Wheras the Trafford Centre is an out of town mall, the Arndale Centre is slap bang in the middle of Manchester City centre. Fantastic!! Manchester rocks and putting an Apple right at its heart is a very good move on Apple’s part. It is just round the corner from Selfridges.

  3. The ‘money’ is in the southern counties. Why is isn’t there an Apple store outside London ?
    Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Salisbury, Southampton Brighton?

    …. another useless decision from Apple UK.

  4. John,

    It says 7 miles, not 7 minutes! I know it’s about half an hour in the car [or on the bus] but that doesn’t show how very close the stores are! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />


    If you read on the MyMacPad website, you’ll see I’ve also covered the forthcoming West Quay store [and will be scouting there in the next week].

  5. Max, wake up. Cheshire has the hightest percentage of millionaires in the UK and it is in the North. The centre of Manchester (where Apple is opening this new store) is very affluent too.

    Nik, OK. Thanks.

  6. Max, have you ever been to the north of England? Or do you still think we wear flatcaps and farm sheep/mine coal? Anyway, I would have thought Leeds and Nottingham can’t be far from betting Apple stores. The only reason I think that have not so far is that the chain KRCS operates there, and they don’t want to alienate them until they have the rest of the country sorted. Shame really as Leeds is am amazing city. Oh and the fact there isn’t one in Edinburgh is a mystery to me!

    Tim Coughlin

  7. Perfect location. Manchester has media companies, design agencies, and a very young trendy population living in it’s centre. Trafford Centre is for those towns up and down the M6, Arndale is for the Manchester area itself.

    Echoing John and Tim above, Cheshire and Lancashire are also hugely wealthy.

    BTW, Tim, I’m sure Apple is just waiting for the right location to become available in Leeds.

    And max, there was a swiftly pulled ad on the Apple retail site for employees at West Quay Southampton. I saw it before it got pulled, so you won’t have to wait long. A lot less time than it’ll take Saints to get back to the Premiership anyway ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Another store in Manchester, wtf is going on at Apple Uk. Scotland does not have a single Apple Store and the main reseller is just crap. I have emailed apple on this, and guess what no response.

    The nearest store to me is 5 hours away by car, hey i flew to New York in the same time, and the amount i saved buying the USA paid for my flight.

    However, they (Apple UK) want to get their finger out and build a store in Glasgow real soon. !!!


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