Patched in mid-2005 by Apple, Symantec warns ‘Inqtana-A’ worm could be ‘beginning of a trend’

“A second Mac security threat has appeared. Security experts at Sophos have issued protection against this second Mac OS X worm, which is called ‘Inqtana-A,'” Macworld UK reports. “This worm spreads among Macs using a Bluetooth vulnerability (known as CAN-2005-1333), it appeared within days of the discovery of the Mac OS Leap-A Trojan last week. Once again, the threat isn’t critical. The Bluetooth flaw the worm exploits was addressed by Apple in mid-2005, when the company released a patch to protect against it. This means the worm is unlikely to spread successfully. Sophos warns that Mac users should keep their software up to date, applying Apple Security and OS updates as they are released.”

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“F-Secure and Symantec have both called Inqtana a “proof-of-concept” worm, saying that it is just an example of a potential attack code, and probably won’t be any treat to users. Symantec Security Response director, Vincent Weafer, however, believes that this could be the beginning of a trend,’ TeleClick reports. ‘We have speculated that attackers would turn their attention to other platforms, and two back-to-back examples of malicious code targeting Macintosh OS X this week illustrates this emerging trend,’ Weafer warned.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A proof-of-concept worm that is no threat to users and was patched in mid-2005 “could be the beginning of a trend?” Give us a break.

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  1. Well we’ve had five years with no virus/worms/trojans and now two of them have emerged in one week.. harmless or not, I’d have to agree and say that this is proof-of-concept and could very well be the beginning of a trend…

  2. While I’ll admit these two “threats” so far aren’t really dangerous to most Mac user. Keep in mind, as more users join the mac fold…you’re getting more and more average joe users…those that don’t necessarily keep their machines up-to-date with patches, those that don’t follow safe computing practices, like not opening attachments, or who provide their admin password willy nilly.

    While the majority of long-time Mac users won’t ever be affected by lame worms like these two…it will only take one mild infection among the many new Mac uers to create a news and PR firestorm.

    So, MacDailyNews, rather than maintaining a cavalier attitude, you should at least provide links and advice on safe computing practices in your growing lists of related links. Better to provide helpful knowledge than to be arrogant.

  3. I rarely swear, but the directors and managers of these companies are total A$$HOLE$!!

    How do these people sleep at night KNOWING they are unnecessarily inducing and escalating fear, just to create a profit by selling worthless “security” software? Fear and terror, especially when completely baseless and focussed upon the weak and unknowing, is the WORST kind of marketing any company could possibly do.

    These companies, not the viruses, are what we need protection from.

  4. This is terrible. Not these ‘viruses’ because you don’t deserve to own a computer if you fall victim to one, these security companies propogating FUD all over the world with their silly pessemistic attitude. BEWARE! DON’T WALK DOWN THE ROAD, THERE IS A PROOF-OF-CONCEPT THAT A BIRD WILL SHIT ON YOUR HEAD!

    Give me a break, and call me back when an ACTUAL virus is in the wild.


  5. Thanks Mr. Bill!

    The point shouldn’t be “That you’d have to be an idiot, to install these things,” the point SHOULD be that yes, we have two exploits in a week.. There will be more… They will become more sophisticated..

    You know, you don’t have to be an idiot to accidentally open a file that is labeled “pics of grandkids” or something to that effect… Especially for the casual user… They can be tricked very easily..

  6. “Hey I’m a PC user and you guys are just hiding from reality. Me ‘an Reality Check and the boys are now laughing at you ‘cos you can’t say it’s 100,000 to zero. there are Mac viruses now”

    Funny that that post hasn’t been made yet. No doubt it will shortly…

    Just to remind you Winboxers, it is STILL 100,000 to ZERO. And as you see the Mac community will be alert, protect itself and retain its zero tolerence towards these cretins. For the for people who exposed themselves to this piece of code, it is unlikely they will make that mistake again.

    Isn’t it also funny how this spurt of activity has come about just as Microsoft head off the pass on all Winbox anti-virus revenues???

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