Atlanta Journal-Constitution asks: Is ‘Mac virus’ all just propaganda from Mac haters?

“Attention Mac elitists: your era of virus-free superiority could be ending. Late last week, a supposed ‘Mac virus’ was discovered by anti-virus company Sophos that spread through the iChat program. Earlier today, another virus targeted toward Macs was discovered that could potentially spread through Bluetooth file exchange,” Don Fernandez writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “What gives here? Mac OS X was supposed to be all but impervious to such nonsense. Could the bullseye long focused on Windows users have finally found fresh meat? Or is it all just propaganda from Mac haters?”

Fernandez asks, “So Mac fans, is this slate of virus hoopla causing concern? And Windows users, is it time to gloat?”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article asks for reader feedback below Fernandez’s piece here.

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  1. Is it a time to gloat for Windows users? Let’s see…2 dreadfully ineffective pieces of malware on OS X vs. tens of thousands of instances of malware on the Windows side doesn’t seem like anything to gloat about to me…

  2. Methinks he doth protest too much!

    Plus, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark, and it ain’t the cartoons!

    Reminds me of the famous scene in Blazing Saddles where Slim Pickens happens upon a flatulence contest where he responds,

    “I’d think you guys have just about had enough!”

  3. It’s propoganda and it’s really caused by Apple.

    You see Apple needs us to update our OS, so they can install the more stringent forms of the Trusted Computing inititive, which will take control of our machines out of our hands and into corporations.

    So Apple is leaving these little “holes” in Mac OS X, these anti-malware companies jump and down excited, spread bad press which Apple uses to take the focus of what’s really happening to our machines.

    That’s right kiddies, total lockdown of our machines.

  4. Here’s a video that sort of explains what’s going to happen.

    Basically instead of you having control over your own hardware, like being able to download a progam like Toast that does it’s own DVD burning directly to hardware, or Handbrake that does DVD ripping which may be perfectly legal in your country. OS makers in collaboration with industry will automatically decide in advance that you can’t run these programs using EFI.

    Extensible Firmware Interface will contact and download driver updates automatically even before the operating system is loaded.

    It’s a radical shift from what we normally expect a computer to do.

    Right now, just about every Apple application secretly contacts Apple, including the Dock (in 10.4.4), Addressbook, iPhoto, etc etc.

    It’s all in a attempt to soften us to accept Trusted Computing, where Apple decides what’s right for you.

    Instead of you deciding what’s right for you.

  5. Windows users is this time to GLOAT? You’ve got to be kidding. What would they be gloating about. All the non-damage that this non-virus did to the platform. All the non-money we had to spend to fix the non-damage.

    Yeah, come back and see us when there’s a new Mac virus every week, for about 5 years straight then maybe we will kinda maybe sorta be nearly on a portion of the same level of insecurity.

  6. There is a huge differnce between a Trojan that requires a user to allow its entry, and a virus that automatically inserts itself and propogates without user interference.

    The socalled “virii” of late did not attach to the OS, as the hundreds of thousands of virii do with Windows.

    Considering the sophication of the first of these two Trojans, I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if they were written by a Mac security firm, that has been dying on the vine since OSX came out.

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