Apple beat Dell in Henrico with 12-inch iBook G4, superior OS features, Mac-only software

“Henrico County received proposals from five companies to supply the middle schools with laptops, but in the end, negotiations came down to the same two that faced off for the high school laptop contract: Dell Inc. and Apple Computer Inc.,” Olympia Meola reports for The Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Dell snagged the high school contract from Apple in April. This time, Apple’s offer was sweet enough to keep iBooks in the hands of county middle school students for the next four years. ‘Apple came in and was more aggressive this time,’ said Lloyd Brown, Henrico schools’ director of technology and selection committee member.”

“The nine-member selection committee unanimously chose Apple, and the School Board on a 3-1 vote recently approved a contract for 12,675 laptops at $1,246 each for a total of $15.8 million,” Meola reports. “Dell offered different prices for varying services, but the cost per laptop with a summer refresh program was $1,224. At that price, the contract would have come to $15.5 million, according to Dave Myers, assistant superintendent of finance. But price was only one of the factors the selection committee considered.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Price was only one of the factors?!” Miracles can happen!

Meola continues, “Several members cited the size of the Dell laptop [too large for student’s backpacks] and the breadth of instructional programs on the Apple laptops as two distinguishing factors… The Apple iBook G4 designated for students, at 12 inches, is a newer version of what the middle school students carry now. Machines for teachers measure 14 inches. Apple’s machine features a slot-load drive and a battery that is supposed to last six hours, both of which are advantages, Myers said. Also, Apple included some attractive extras for instruction, such as certain software [iLife was mentioned (the new iBooks will also include Microsoft Office according to reports)] and an operating system with built-in features for special-education students, such as text-to-speech and zooming capabilities.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How’s that Dell program going in the high schools? Seems the Henrico School Board have already learned their lesson; they even figured out that sticker price isn’t the end all be all when choosing a personal computer. Imagine that.

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