We can get married if you dump Windows and switch to Apple Mac

“When I married and my husband asked me to convert, it was a pretty big deal. I was set in my ways. My orthodoxies were profound. But if I didn’t abandon the personal computer for the Mac, he warned, the marriage wouldn’t have a chance,” Alex Kuczynski writes for The New York Times. “We should not inhabit separate computing universes, he argued. I held my breath and jumped. Upon reflection, it was the best hardware decision I ever made. The Mac is easy to use, the technology refined. Most people get a watch or a piece of jewelry when they marry; I got an iBook G4 laptop and a honeymoon with five kids.”

Full article here.

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  1. Though this is humorous, it does convey the more mysterious and mystical experience us Mac users have in that our zealous natures could lead one to believe we have actually found Nirvana, and are willing to lay down our lives for that ideal…

  2. Why is this story pathetic? I made my wife switch and am proud of it. I am NOT going to spend my precious time supporting Wintel when Macs literally require little to no support.

    I am proud to say that our home is now Microsoft Windows free (still kept the PC hardware for Linux though).

  3. I was in a similar situation when I got married. My wife had an aging HP tower and monitor that took up a lot of space and was very slow. So rather than buy another PC, we bought a G4 17 inch PB. She didn’t like the idea at first and probably still favors a PC cos that is what she is used to. After using IE for a year she finally switch to Safari and Firefox. She’s just switched to Mail from Entourage because the spam filter is better. Doesn’t like iCal much or the address book.

    It’s taken a long time to get her to adjust. For non-power users, switching can be a pain.

  4. should’ve made her tattoo an apple logo on her forehead. now thats commitment. (and attractive)

    ok maybe not the forehead, maybe perhaps the bung-hole.

    that would really be like an apple computer that was running windows. one second there would be an apple, and then there would be a big worm coming out of it.


  5. My husband got me to switch by buying me an iBook for Christmas. That was 4 years ago. I’ve had a G4 tower, an iMac and a Powerbook (my current baby) since.

    For those deriding the shared computing experience as a foundation for a solid marriage: All I can tell you is it’s great when the couple are having a nice laugh together at all the friends/relatives who are still using PCs. It’s you and me against 94% of the world, baby.

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