Wall Street’s Apple jitters overblown: Strong demand seen for Apple Intel-based Macs

“It’s been a rough month for Apple bulls. Jitters over Apple’s transition to Intel processors has sliced 21% from the stock’s value since Jan. 13, with the shares closing at $67.64 on Feb. 14. The thinking was, when a major switch like this occurs, glitches inevitably follow, and some buyers will delay purchases until the kinks can be worked out,” Olga Kharif writes for BusinessWeek. Another reason for the bearishness? Some users may be waiting for Apple to introduce new computer designs in the second half, says Rob Enderle, president of tech consultancy Enderle Group.”

“Now it increasingly looks as though those concerns got overblown, and signs suggest Apple and Intel are managing the transition well. The two companies’ first computer, the iMac with Dual Core Intel processor, has already turned into a best seller,” Kharif writes. “Don Mayer, CEO of Small Dog Electronics, an Apple products retailer in Waitsfield, Vt., says the Intel-based machines outsell iMacs based on G5 chips from IBM by five to one. In fact, Intel-based iMacs are selling out quicker than the iMac G5 desktop did when it came out last October, he says. ‘As fast as they are coming in, [iMacs with Intel chips] are going out,’ Mayer says. ‘There’s significantly more demand for the iMac now that it has the Intel processor.’ And that trend has cropped up at other retailers as well. ‘I am seeing very strong demand for the Intel-based products,’ says Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research. Moreover, retailers say they are seeing lots of pent-up demand for the MacBook Pro notebook. The machine starts shipping this week, Apple said on Feb. 14.”

Kharif writes, “Apple’s transition can’t escape the bumps. But there may be fewer of them than some bears seem to think.”

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  1. Last Sunday I went to the Apple store in St. Louis and it was a mob scene, you’d think they were giving stuff away.

    On the way to the store I spotted two families walking thru the mall with the large white iMac suitcase boxes they had just purchased.

    In the store people were buying everything, iPods, iPod accessories, iBooks, software, iMacs, even G4 Powerbooks.

    The line at the checkout counter was never less than 4 people deep in the 20 minutes I was there.

    I’d say rumors about a sales lull are way overblown.

  2. I am really pleased with my iMac 17″ Core Duo. Very pleased. I was able to sell my G4 Powerbook 1Ghz (titanium) for $1250 to fund the iMac and it was two years old. I tell you there is a lot of demand out there for Apple gear.

    The minor issues I have had with the iMac (Quicktime streaming and Front Row trailer playback) have both been fixed with the latest OSX rev. NO OTHER ISSUES AT ALL. Perfect machine. Just waiting for the software to be written for it now…

  3. this is so much b.s. based on the fact that new macs sell faster than discontinued macs. uh….no kidding.

    There are no facts or figures here, just speculation. Whew-oooh Mactels are sold out….uh, cause they didn´t have many to start with, Sherlock.

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