Review: Apple’s new iMac Core Duo ‘an outstanding feat of engineering, a high-precision instrument’

“The new Intel-powered iMac shares the same form factor as the late-2005 iMac G5, sporting the same giant-iPod design in an ultra-slim case that looks more like a stand-alone LCD monitor,” Chris Chong writes for The Star (Malaysia). “More than just good-looking, the iMac really is an outstanding feat of engineering. For starters, the whole unit feels like a high-precision instrument – it tilts up and down with a very satisfyingly damped movement (I know it’s not really important but, hey, it’s cool).”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, the details really are important. Attention to detail in hardware (and software) is an important reason why people buy Macs in the first place.

Chong continues, “The other thing you’ll notice is that the iMac runs almost silently. In fact, it’s quieter than most air-cons or ceiling fans – a far cry from the mini hairdryer sounds that emanate from most computers… the iMac range has one of the best LCD monitors you’ll ever find in the market – at least in terms of colour rendition and changes in contrast across the viewing angle range… the iMac is the first to be bundled with iLife ‘06, which is the best iteration yet of Apple’s multimedia software extravaganza for music playback (iTunes) and creation (Garageband), video editing (iMovie HD), DVD authoring (iDVD) and building web pages (iWeb). The fact that such a highly integrated software package is bundled with every iMac makes it incredible value for money… The new iMac is a big step ahead of its already-accomplished predecessor.”

Full review here.

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  1. I think that’s an excellent point. The switch to Intel has really caused the press in general to take notice of the Mac platform. Sure, some journalists are just plain idiots, but as the Intel switch becomes more and more apparent to the international community, we can surely expect that they will see that the Mac platform is one to take notice in. It’s not just for the faithful, but for everyone.

    MDN Word: “Free” as in Free press is awesome!

  2. I have a dilemma. I want to have a Mac with the performance level as the new Intel iMac but without a built in monitor. The reason is that I would like to use my HD LCD TV to be my display. If I wait for the new Pro Mac with Intel chip (late 06 or early 07?), that would be over kill for me. My other choice would be the Mac Mini but it does not have the same spec as the iMac. I wish apple would offer a headless iMac or a high end Mac Mini with comparable performance as the iMac for those users like me.

  3. Chuckie C,

    The new iMac Core Duo actually has DVI output and VGA output as well as S-video and composite video output. So you really could use your LCD display with it. It works in either a mirrored mode or a second display mode which you can configure your HD LCD display as the primary monitor.

  4. There should be an Intel-based Mac mini very soon. It may not be quite up to the iMac specs, but I hope it has Intel Core Duo at about 1.67 GHz instead of the rumored single-processor Core “Solo,” or perhaps one model with the Duo and one with the Solo.

    That’s my next Mac, I think…

  5. My prediction for the Intel Mac mini is a choice of 1.67 GHZ Core Duo and 2.0 GHZ Core Duo while the iMac gets a bump up to 2.16 GHZ Core Duo (or greater)

    The Core solo may go into a very price-competitive Intel iBook.

    Any way you look at them, they will be “high-precision instruments”

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