NASCAR offers free 20-minute Daytona 500 preview via Apple’s iTunes Store

Available now via Apple’s iTunes Store, “NASCAR has put together a free, 20-minute preview of this year’s Daytona 500, which will be run on Sunday and can be seen on NBC. Also worthy of note is that it is placing this in the category of ‘NASCAR 2006 Races’ which could imply that further content could be forthcoming for the remainder of the long season, which runs through November. How much content will remain to be seen, but this is an interesting use of the technology,” Radical Bender reports for TuneVision.

Full article here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Radical Bender” himself for the heads up.]

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MacDailyNews Note: We’ve taken to calling Apple’s iTunes Music Store, “iTunes Store” — dropping the “Music” when discussing video content. We don’t know what else to do since Apple’s virtual outlet becomes increasingly misnamed with each passing day. Might we suggest “iTunes Media Store” or something a bit more appropriate, Apple? We’ll all be able to absorb the change and we promise not to stop coming if you refine the name a bit.

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    I was just razzing you anyways…..sometimes I look back at the things I’ve written and have wondered if the humor of it somehow “transfers” over….

    It’s good to know I’ve got a neighbor on here! I’m in Rock Hill, home of the rednecks!

    On the “Turd” note, my wife swore up and down that Norm WAS Burt Reynolds…of course, her vision places her in the catagory of “legally blind.”

    And lastly, I thougt the cock fighting bit was a bit of a stretch, too…

    Take ’em sleazy…I’ll just take ’em anyway I can get it.

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