RUMOR: Google interested in alliance with Apple and iTunes Store?

“We are hearing some more chatter today regarding a possible alliance with AAPL and its iTunes unit. While on Feb 10 we heard a rumor that DIS was interested in potentially buying a stake in AAPL’s iTunes, today we’re hearing that GOOG could be interested in an alliance with AAPL and its iTunes unit. While these rumors don’t seem to be gaining much traction, we’re bringing it to your attention since this is the second week in a row we’ve heard some kind of iTunes chatter,” reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “J Alex” for the link.]
Note that Google’s music search is already partnered with Apple’s iTunes. If you search for music/artists using Google, iTunes is one of the stores returned from which to buy. We assume that this rumor, if it has substance, would be about more than the current Apple/Google relationship.

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  1. So how DO you get iTunes results to return in Google? Just having done several song/album searches on Google, some mentioning the band name and some not (with the band name in the front on some searches and at the end in others)< I got Product Search links to (for songs) and CDUniversie,, Bidville, eBay and (for albums), but I didn’t see any iTunes listings. I hope this isn’t a change…

    MW “Major” as in that’d be a major bummer if Google is no longer returning iTunes search results. (I suppsoe they could argue that iTunes links require the opening of another program besides the browser to work, while the others don’t… but still.)

  2. if i was apple, i wouldnt partner with google.

    i dont think they have any substance.

    they seem to be a company that knows theres alot of money in the it industry and just sort of jumps on to the current ‘big’ thing.

    google themselves cant even desrcribe what they are.

    vultures would be a good start.

  3. Well, are we back again to Dave Winer’s reportage over at Scripting News from the middle of last June that Google is prepping an iTunes clone based on RSS 2.0, and fully podcast capable?

  4. Apple is the new cool kid on the block, and the rich kid, Google, across the street wants to hang with him. But the Apple kid didn’t become cool because of his wealth, it was his creativity and imagination.

    Google, from what is clearly obvious by their site’s design and function, is not creative at all. Granted, it is fast and vast and is probably dying to have Apple come in and give it a cool new look and interface. Who doesn’t? As such, the combination is too one-sided; Apple does the work and Google gets the benefit. It won’t happen. Google is too much like Microsoft and nowhere near creative enough to catch Apple’s interest as a partner.

  5. Hey, Mike, just for clarity’s sake:

    Google is the “new kid” having just moved into that house across the street – they haven’t been around that long – 5 years? Apple has been in business for nearly 30 years.

    I agree with your other assertions that Google would benefit more than Apple – just wanted to clear up the mixed-up analogy.

  6. There aren’t many reasons why Apple could benefit from such an alliance, but one obvious advantage would be that Google wouldn’t face the anti-Apple resistance that some users feel and would also be able to sell iTunes tracks to users of other music players.

    I have doubts that it’s necessarily a good idea from Apple’s point of view, but it’s still an idea that warrants further investigation. After all, if somebody is to provide music for players other than iPods, it would make more sense for that provider to be allied to Apple, than to be an all-out rival to Apple.

  7. I liked the discussion yesterday, I think, that mused on the possibility of spinning off ITMS. This could eliminate the cause of the Apple Corps lawsuit, pave the way for Beatles catalog of music, and ease conflict of interest issues now that Jobs sits on the board at Disney (a major content producer). Perhaps all this chatter is coming from backroom talks involving a spinnoff.

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