No way to skip Apple MacBook Pro’s 3-4 week shipping delay

Mac users can’t bypass the current 3-4 week waiting period for their new MacBook Pro by upgrading their laptop with a faster 7,200 rpm version of the included 100GB laptop drive. Though BTO configuration increases the price by about $100, users can receive the BTO configured MacBook Pro in 1-3 business days, AppleInsider reported earlier today.

“New orders for the MacBook Pro with the drive upgrade are now estimated by Apple to ship in 1-3 business days as opposed to 3-4 weeks for the standard configuration. Due to the way Apple assembles its production lines, there is a slim possibility these estimates are accurate,” AppleInsider reports. However, MacDailyNews readers, and now AppleInsider themselves in an update to their original article, confirm that Apple has since corrected this glitch. It’s 3-4 weeks for everyone, regardless of the order specifics.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good things come to those who wait.

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  1. O/T:
    Holy web hits, Batman! AppleInsider just made the front page of Google News.

    With the headline:
    “Briefly: 2.16GHz MBP, music sales, iTunes IPO, Walkman phones”

    Not exactly a news site. But then there are lot of pretenders these days. Even in the mainstream.

  2. My order placed the day the MacBook was announced. Scheduled to ship tomorrow 2/15/06, the estimated date of delivery slipped to March 7. Unfortunatley, I will be in Europe and no one will be around to accept my shipment, not even a neighbor.

    I suggested that Apple coordinate the shipment for arrival on or about March 20. The Apple rep on the phone said he couldn’t accomodate my request so I cancelled the damn order.

    I will make do with my PB12 and may never upgrade. As far as I am concerned, Apple lost a sale.
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  3. this article is written very badly. Unless you were already familiar with the AppleInsider story it took a long time for this little blurb to make any sense. It would be better to start it with something like: Contrary to AppleInsider’s report, adding a 7200rpm drive… yadda yadda yadda.

    also, does 10.4.5 do anything? It used to be that .5 releases were something to get excited about. Now we just talk about them with mild interests in the comment section of other topics.

  4. Thomas, I think you’re overreacting. If you are going to push your order back to March 20, then why don’t you order it when you get back from Europe. By then, there will probably be no backlog of orders, so it’ll ship in 1-3 business days.

    I’m not sure very many large online order outfits allow you to specify when to deliver your order. Not that it wouldn’t be a nice feature if they offered it, but to not buy the product because of that is overreacting a bit.

    Apple’s dates are an “estimated shipped by” date, which means it could ship sooner. So you could have held onto the order and only cancelled it a week before you go away if it didn’t ship by then.

    My order got pushed back from estimated shipped by Feb. 15 to Feb. 28. The two weeks extra wait is well worth it given that they bumped the specs from 1.83GHz to 2.0 GHz at no extra cost.

    Well, if you’d rather punish yourself out of spite, that’s your prerogative. Someone else will get their MacBook Pro sooner because of it.

  5. Thomas:

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! You’re going to put up with your old PB instead of a new MacBook just because you’re not going to be home on the expected delivery date? Just wait until you get the shipping notice from Apple then contact the shipper and get them to hold it until you’re ready.

  6. Andy,

    Yes, I was overreacting a bit but the Apple rep offered no alternate solution or even acted as if he cared.

    As far as the upgrade is concerned, the specs changed on Apple. It is either upgrade the chip or reintro the MacBook at the new spec. Thus it is really no upgrade. Just a speed bump because the chip spec changed.

    My experiences with Apple have always been a good ones. I am just not use to the attitude, as in this case. At least, not in my past dealings with Apple. When one chooses to do business with a high quality company, at a premium, one should expect a quality transaction.

    I can live without an Intel Apple for a while longer.

  7. Andy C, I am with you. I was at first quite disappointed that my 2.15 order was pushed back to 2.28, and I guess I still am. I did spend some time venting my frustration about my order on the phone with an Apple rep; after all, I placed my order at 11:06 on 1.10, and its sole differences are a single 1gb RAM chip, and the 120gb drive. But I am happy to know that I am getting a faster processor, and while I would have wished to have it before a short trip the week of 2.21, it will be nice to have it arrive shortly after I return. Like you, I don’t understand Thomas’s reaction, and I also find it odd that he could make no alternate delivery arrangements. But it’s his money and his decision. Now that I have confirmed

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