NewerTech debuts upgraded miniStack V2 storage, port expander for Apple Mac mini

Other World Computing (OWC) and Newer Technology Inc. (NewerTech) today announced the highly anticipated immediate retail availability of the miniStack V2, the 2006 upgrade to the award-winning miniStack computer enhancement storage solution.

The newly upgraded NewerTech miniStack V2 is engineered to increase drive capacity 80- to 500GB while adding integrated 2-Port FireWire and 3-Port USB 2.0/1.1 powered hubs that are ergonomically divided between rear and side configurations.

Although designed to maximize the Apple Mac mini, the NewerTech miniStack works with any Apple or PC computer with an available FireWire or USB port including any iMac, iMac Intel, mini PC, desktop PC, or portable MacBook Pro (Intel), iBook, notebook, or PowerBook.

The NewerTech miniStack was named Accessory of the Year by 123Macmini, Editors’ Choice by MacAddict, and Top Product by Macworld in 2005.

“The NewerTech miniStack V2 is more than a new design, it’s a newer design from NewerTech. The miniStack V2 is an improvement on a revolutionary NewerTech design that has already been proven to be one of the most valuable storage solutions available,” says Larry O’Connor, CEO of OWC in the press release.

The NewerTech miniStack V2 retails for $135.99 for an 80GB version and is available in capacities up to 500GB at 7200RPM. An economical ‘add your own hard drive’ kit is available for $79.95. The advantageous dimensions of the NewerTech miniStack are 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 1.5 inches.

More information on the full NewerTech miniStack line can be viewed here.

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  1. Jamie,

    So quick to jump to conclusions… Is that the standard modus operandi for 95% of all MDN visitors?

    Go back and look closely, and you will see they did indeed update their site… However, you will also note that the only real changes are that the new V2 version of the miniStack has is the addition of FireWire and USB 2.0 ports on the left side. They may have updated some drives specs as well, but overall, it is nothing significant.

  2. I bought v1, right before MWSF, when they were on sale, indicating that v2 was on the way. Anyhow, v2 is a small change, with a couple ports moved from the back to the left. IMO, it’s un-Mac-like. But that’s okay. I do like the temperature-sensitive fan. I don’t like its speed. I copied my old drive over to this drive and it copied at roughly 16MB/s. The copy test graphic in the ad comes in about the same at 17MB/s. Hardly blazing.

  3. Still, all things considered, and compared to other drive prices in the market, the addition of both USB and Firewire Hub capacity to a single hard drive solution like this makes it a great value for anyone needing to expand to an external drive who might also benefit from the extra ports. I’ll probably get this for my Powermac G5, since I’ve been considering getting both USB and Firewire hubs and an external drive. It will make cable management easier as well.

    And the color isn’t far off, either.

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