Apple adds TV shows to iTunes, including Schoolhouse Rock, Saved By the Bell, The Biggest Loser

Apple continues their practice of quietly adding TV shows to their iTunes Store.

Newly added shows include “Schoolhouse Rock” (ABC), Saved By the Bell” (NBC), and “The Biggest Loser” (NBC).

In addition, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue videos are also now available.

Click here to launch Apple’s iTunes Store.

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  1. Questions for UK users of iTunes. Would it be possible for you to log-on the iTunes (US) site and d/l files on an account prepaid by someone in the US (with a US credit card) on your behalf? Can you even d/l iTunes US version?

  2. I’d love to see episodes of “24” be available for purchase on itunes. There is a waiting list at my local blockbuster for the DVD’s of past seasons. I’d buy them in a heartbeat if i could download them. I wonder if Fox will ever sign on?

  3. Why do they always say “quietly”? What do they want Steve to roll out on stage and do a one hour demo every time they add some new programming to iTunes.

    I can just see him now…

    Steve clicks up the next item.. “here is one of my favorites. I’m just a Bill, yes I’m only a Bill (sits and watches for 3 minutes). Isn’t that great!?”

    It’s like they have some sort of conspiracy theory about Apple or something, like they are trying to be deceptive about it.

  4. Macromancer: “I’m just a Bill.”
    Loved that stuff as a kid. I can still sing the Preamble! Everybody sing: “We the people . . .”
    The anachronism “Schoolhouse” will need to be updated to “Schoolfort”.

  5. The original working title for The Biggest Loser was Big, Fat Idiot Dumb Enough To Be Humiliated On National Television but it didn’t roll off the tongue so they shortened it. Next season they’re going to combine Survivor with Biggest Loser. Extremely obese contestants will be chased by wild animals in the jungles of Indonesia. Participants will be penalized for eating their stalkers. Hormel, Kraft, and the Discovery Channel are slated to be sponsors.

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