Top 10 things all Windows to Mac OS X switchers should know

“Those Intel-based MacBook Pros and iMacs will soon be in your hands. But before you open those boxes and fire them up, there’s a few things I think you should know,” Scott Moscella’s Plastic Bugs blog states.

Top 10 things all switchers should know:

OS X Looks Like OS X: Why aren’t there countless OS X themes and theming applications: there just isn’t a big demand for them. The standard look and feel of OS X is already pleasing. You want proof? Take a look at the lengths to which people will go to turn Windows into OS X.

You Don’t Need a Virus Scanner: Don’t waste your money on securing your system with off-the-shelf OS X virus protection. As of right now, those programs are snake oil – absolutely worthless to you as a Mac user.

Your Mouse Moves Differently in OS X: It may feel weird to Windows users… It’s all about Mac OS X’s mouse tracking.

Most of Us Use Safari: Safari is still the most standards compliant browser available. Plus, there’s always those pretty buttons.

Installing, Moving and Uninstalling Apps: Mac OS X applications seem clean because the ugly is hidden deep within the application.

OS X Has No Defrag Utility: OS X automatically defragments every single file that you access (as long as it’s under 20MB)… defragmenting your drive is unnecessary.

Is Your System Acting Strange? Repair Disk Permissions: Repairing permissions is a harmless, non-destructive process that you can run periodically to keep your system in perfect working order. It’s like a free tune-up.

OS X Is Not Perfect: Programs crash in OS X. However, “Force Quit” isn’t some namby-pamby end process that Windows users have to contend with – it’s the real deal.

You’re Going to Make Mistakes: A comprehensive 30-point list of mistakes made by new Mac users.

Yes, It Is a Cult. Welcome! You may soon find yourself evangelizing to your Windows-loving friends or making frequent and unnecessary trips to the local Apple Store just to look around.

Full article with more details and links here.

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  1. I wonder about the defrag comment and Apple’s statement about it. I use TechTool Pro occasionally to optimize my laptop disk drive. I run Tiger 10.4.4 and still find hundreds and sometimes thousands of fragmented files and disk fragments many times greater in number. I have to believe that there is some merit to this periodic optimization, but perhaps I’m just fooling myself.

  2. I have a love hate relationship with Safari. I love it for how it can be fast, and how it syncs up with .Mac. I hate it cause it can be extremely slow, and PDF viewing is flakey.

    Thankfully, there is Firefox.

  3. Not with Tiger! I’ve never seen that actually HELP anything, even though it shows changes being made. 2 years ago yes, but not today.

    Better option: just restart or log out. Much simpler.

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