RUMOR: Apple preps Intel-based Mac mini Core Solo, drops built-in iPod dock for second time

“Apple Computer, for the second time in less than two years, appears to have scrapped plans to include a built-in iPod dock with some of its forthcoming Mac mini desktop computers,” Kasper Jade and Katie Marsal report for AppleInsider. “According to reports from multiple contacts, including some with ties to the Mac maker’s component suppliers, initial plans for the first Intel-based Mac mini computers called for some models to include a built-in docking station for the company’s iPod digital music players. The dock connector, which was rumored to be located at the top of the computer, would effectively turn each Mac mini into an oversized docking station for iPods featuring the company’s proprietary dock-connector. Apple originally planned to add the dock only to its top-of-the-line Mac mini model, which it currently sells for $699, people often familiar with the company’s pre-production computer plans said. The feature was scrapped for unknown reasons just weeks before the new computers are slated to hit production in the Far East, these people added.”

“Like Apple’s forthcoming line of Intel-based iBook computers, it’s expected that new Mac minis will come bundled with Apple’s Front Row media software, a 1.67GHz Intel Core Solo processor and 512MB of standard DDR2 system memory. A low-end model should continue to sell for sub-$500, while a version with more hard disk space and DVD-burning capabilities should fetch a bit more,” Jade and Marsal report. “The computers are rumored to hit the manufacturing lines in the next few weeks and make their official debut within a month thereafter.”

More details in the full article here.

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  1. “…people often familiar with the company’s pre-production computer plans said.”

    “Often familiar.” They’re not even giving their anonymous sources the dubious credit of being familiar with the prep. True or not true, this report has no street cred.

  2. The article goes on to say: “So far, AppleInsider has been unable to confirm rumors that the new Mac minis will ship with an Apple-branded piece of digital video recording (DVR) software.”

    This will never happen as long as they sell video from the iTMS.. Apple is in the business of selling video content. They’d be shooting themselves and the content providers in the foot if they ever included DVR capabilites in future Macs…

  3. Jiggle Jiggle! Count me in for one of these. Sounds about right. Appleinsiders has been pretty accurate in there reports on this stuff for a while now. i just wonder that the REAL reason is for this iPod dock not making the cut year after year. it’s clear that this feature was highly considered both times around (old mac mini, new mac mini).

  4. I totally agree with Mike. Apple isn’t going to do anything to allow you to record television shows. Not if they can sell it to you instead. So forget about it. Not going to happen. Build yourself a MythTV and use the Mac mini for the front end. Or buy yourself a EyeTV although it won’t work with HD from my cable provider since their HD is encrypted.

  5. “They’d be shooting themselves and the content providers in the foot if they ever included DVR capabilites in future Macs…”

    I think that all computers will eventually have DVR capabilities.

  6. IMHO, I would guess then that Apple had planned to have the iPod connector firstly built-in, then go for the wireless iPod model later. But maybe the wireless capability is read to roll, so why go with an intermediary kludge.

    Streaming wireless video from an iPodWV over WiFi to a Mac miniWV- is it fast enough? The iPodWV then becomes the remote control! Just an idea…

  7. “I use the BMW of computers. I have a Mercedes compared to your Dell.” That what Mac users say.

    Here’s what they should say: “I’m overcharged for my computer so I can have cool apple stickers for my car.” “I like being raped by Apple it’s fun!”

    –Apple get raped different

  8. They have to use the core solo, otherwise they would canabalize their high end sales (MacBook PRO, Mac PRO, iMac), with sales from MacMini and iBook’s.

    It sucks for us the user, but will help with the up sale at the apple stores.


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