Apple to offer Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue videos via iTunes Store for $1.99 each

“This year, fans of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue will have an abundance of choice when it comes to formats for viewing the bikini-clad supermodels. In addition to the magazine, which appears on newsstands tomorrow, and on the Web site at, fans will also be able to purchase any of eight specially produced videos from, Apple’s online store, for $1.99 each,” Lia Miller reports for The New York Times.

“Mark Ford, the president and publisher of Sports Illustrated, estimates that newsstand sales of the issue will be around 1.5 million copies, which, when added to the 3.3 million subscribers, is a paid readership of 4.8 million. Mr. Ford said that 60 million people or so would read the issue, however, making it the most widely read single issue of any magazine in the world,” Miller reports.

Full article here.

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  1. “give me something, anything in the uk pleeaassee”

    Yea, I felt like that while watching TV over there while on vacation in December…

    What the heck is up with only 3 channels?

  2. Turd – 5 channels actually, and loads more if you have cable/satellite.

    How many channels do you pick up in the USA with only a antenna? In my neck of the woods its about 2 (ABC and PBS).

  3. Turd

    When was your visit, December 1967?

    The UK has over at least 20 free terrestrial channels and more than 200 available via cable and satellite.

    And despite stereotypes, we do floss.

  4. Yeah, I should have mentioned, with a $50 box from any supermarket you can get 20 free channels over the air.

    Plus it has excellent stuff like “pick your game” during Wimbledon where you can choose from menu which of the games you want to watch, rather than just being stuck with what ever the one channel in the USA is showing it picks.

    TV is way better in the UK than the USA!

    (I live in the US)

  5. Watch out. EMU is back.

    Whatever happened to Rod Hull?

    (Don’t answer that. I know. He tragically died whilst up on the roof of his house adjusting his television aerial. If only he’d had cable, things would have been so different.

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