Significant growth in Apple notebook orders to boost Quanta’s 2006 shipments

“Quanta Computer fulfilled notebook orders for Apple’s iMac and PowerBook series in 2005 with a combined shipment of about one million units, today’s Chinese-language Commercial Times reported today. This year, the notebook manufacturer is expected to enjoy significant shipment growth of the two product lines, of which the PowerBook series may climb to one million units in shipments,” Jessie Shen reports for DigiTimes. “Meanwhile, Asustek Computer, another notebook contract maker for Apple, may ship two million iBook models in 2006, indicated the paper.”

Charts available in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “Hugh” for the link.]

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  1. I’ve got several computers that have Asus motherboards in them and they work great but I have some Asus accessory cards that have had lots of Windows driver problems.

    Asus builds to the customer design so it’s good for Mac users that Apple does the design, specification and OS. It validates what SJ has been saying all along “everything by one vendor is better” unless that vendor is the government ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I’m sure that Apple is very particular on the components used in their products. Therefore the quality of Apple products made by ASUS and other manufacturers will be very different from what they make under their own brand. Apple save money by manufacturng overseas because of lower labor cost and not having to pay for the cost of running their own plants.

  3. “Sounds like a Quanta leap in shipments.”

    Oooooooooooo….I can smell the cheddar that was so cheesy…..

    And my wife forgives you, Ampar….

    And now a moment from the Butterfly Chronicles:

    Student: “Yeeeeesssss, Sen-Say, yeessss….”

    Teacher: “Yes, Butterfly, only the constitpated stenographer can pencil it out….”

    Student: “Yeeeesssss, your words are like the abundant pus flowing from the face of a ripe teenage boy….”

  4. I just purchased an iBook and iPod nano w/ engraving from the Apple online store for my wife and kids and they both shipped from Suzhou China and arrived in a few days through Alaska. The channel (and equipment) seems to work well.
    Also purchased an iSee case for the nano, required equipment if you are going to hand it to an 8-year-old girl.

  5. If Asustek is going to ship 2 million iBooks in 2006, those new iBooks better be coming real soon, like early April at the latest.

    Apple sold 587k portables last quarter, which was a pretty good quarter for Mac sales. Let’s say 350k were iBooks, with the other 237k Powerbooks.

    This quarter, iBooks should be flat to worse, let’s say a generous 250k, since many are waiting for the Intel iBook. That means if Apple debuts the iBook on April 1, it needs to ship 1.750m in the next three quarters, roughly 550-600k per quarter, which would be the most ever. If the iBook debuts later, those numbers need to go up even higher, as we’ll have another quarter of slowing iBook G4 sales.

  6. One piece I found interesting following a link to ASUSTeK Computer’s (one of Apple’s contractors for laptops) website was the development a carbon-fiber laptop shell. Being an F1 fan and knowing of the extensive use for C-F, carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel, besides having a very-cool look. See here…

    I’d love to see Apple as the first to go mainstream with a C-F laptop

  7. Gotta say… IMHO this is the first ever cool looking case for a PeeCee (laptop or otherwise) that I have seen. Right up there with the PBs. I’d like to see Apple go this route. Very cool indeed.

  8. Quantum leap — yeah right. When Apple breaks above something useful like 20% then we can start talking about real market share. This is assuming that Apple can survive the massive increase of viruses and malware that are going to hit later this year as more people purchase intel hardware. Mac people are used to just typing in their password for anything that pops up on the screen so expect massive attacks soon. And since nobody runs an anti-virus program on the mac this is just going to compound the problem and force business users that purchased Apple back to windows.

    With these problems and the massive Apple stock drop (see Think Secret) of $17 billion in just the last month is one in a long list of problems. Bummer for those suckers back purchased stock over the last few months…

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