Columnist who blamed Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes responds

“Well, that was interesting. I just thought I’d try to bask a little longer in the afterglow of yesterday’s firestorm over my simple declaration that my wife and I had a hard time getting an Apple product up and running with anywhere near the simplicity that lore would have them possess,” Steve Johnson writes for The Chicago Tribune. “I managed to post more than 180 comments and there were another 80 or so that were either too obscene, too repetitive or just plain too many to put up before I turned off the ‘comments’ feature. I’ll attempt to summarize and respond to the main threads of the, um, conversation.”

Full article here.
A weak response from an “Internet critic” who still doesn’t understand the reason why he had an issue and who would do better in the future by sticking to critiquing the Internet and leaving the product criticisms to those who possess at least basic tech knowledge.

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Columnist blames Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes – February 08, 2006


  1. Get a clue, Ampar. Don’t you know when you’re being duped? I didn’t write that drivel about this guy having a point. He does, but I didn’t write it. I would’ve written it like this:

    I, uh, actually think you tools are pathetic. Out of all of the Windows installations onto which a PC user attempts to install iTunes, there will always be plenty of problems. Why? Because Apple wants users to switch, so they intentionally make the user experience sh!tty for PC owners. It’s horribly transparent.

    And cultists bore me.

  2. To Roberto: Your the type of individual that gives Mac people a bad name. If you can’t express yourself without using obscenities I suggest you go back to school and learn the english language. That is assuming, of course, that you have completed grammar school.

  3. MDN I think you need to sound a little less holier than thou when answering critics of Apple. The response that columnists get if they are even remotely critical is ridiculous.

  4. The world is for rich white people! Everybody else keep quiet and mow my grass. I hate it when you try to make me think. I don’t need to think, I’m in the majority!

  5. I AM ENDERLE!!!
    MY POOOO !
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    Evil_MS_User: I eat it! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Guys, before you start gloating about how you kicked Steve Johnson’s preverbial butt, consider an alternative scenario next time. Instead of flaming him with profanities on how stupid he is, we could have done our community a service by writing him instead of offer our help. Perhaps then his response would have been entirely different. And that may have helped to soften the feelings of a large group of PC Nazis who hate our guts.

    The more smug we think we are, the less convincing we will be. So next time, instead of hurling chunks on some clueless journalist, show some class. Offer your help, or at least be polite if you disagree. That way, we might win a bit of respect instead of being written off as a bunch of Kool-Aid drinking zealots. I mean, we don’t want to look like radical Islamic extremists still screaming over a freakin’ cartoon, do we?

    There. I feel better now.

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