Columnist who blamed Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes responds

“Well, that was interesting. I just thought I’d try to bask a little longer in the afterglow of yesterday’s firestorm over my simple declaration that my wife and I had a hard time getting an Apple product up and running with anywhere near the simplicity that lore would have them possess,” Steve Johnson writes for The Chicago Tribune. “I managed to post more than 180 comments and there were another 80 or so that were either too obscene, too repetitive or just plain too many to put up before I turned off the ‘comments’ feature. I’ll attempt to summarize and respond to the main threads of the, um, conversation.”

Full article here.
A weak response from an “Internet critic” who still doesn’t understand the reason why he had an issue and who would do better in the future by sticking to critiquing the Internet and leaving the product criticisms to those who possess at least basic tech knowledge.

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  1. What he got were hits. Those 180 should never have taken the bait. As passionate as we are with Apple products, we should always stop and think before we fire off our 2 cents. I’m starting to see more and more of ‘writers’ like this guy who type out incendiary columns just to attract Mac ‘cultists.’ Pathetic as it may be, it’s working and because we allow ourselves to get all worked up because of their ignorance and stupidity.


    HUNGER STRIKE!!!!!!!

    At least I’m not trolling for ad clicks like the newspaper guy is. He always hated Apple (he’s jealous and insecure) and he PLANNED to make a crisis out of the iPod even before it arrived. Imagine his glee when his Windows machine actually had a problem just as he hoped! And then the response of his wet dreams, a bunch of Mac user emails so he could select mostly crazy ones to print! Life is good.

    Leave him to rot in his little world. He deserves our pity, not our clicks.

  3. His response to the e-mail received is amusing. That’s like striking a match and then being angry at the resulting fire. He knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote the original article, which is exactly why he referred to us as cultists. To then complain the he was called out on his remarks is ridiculous. It certainly removes any credibility he may have had left.

  4. MDN has finally proven they are the “bad boys” of news and rumors site. This poor man is getting attacked because of MDN and the tone they set from their Takes. MDN is simply being “mean”.

    I responded to many of the people that posted comments on that fellow’s article whom were asking for help with their iTunes or iPod. I think that’s where we should be focusing… on being helpful and mature. Guess someone has to be the idiot.

  5. I love it when Ampar actually agrees with the (clone) EMU – but never with the real one.

    On the Internet _no_one_ ever really knows you’re a dog. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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