Apple beats Dell: lands deal to supply 12,675 iBooks to Henrico County Middle Schools [UPDATED]

Apple was awarded the contact to continue supplying laptops to Middle school students and teachers (grades 6-8) in Henrico County (some 12,675 units), beating Dell and other PC makers, MacDailyNews has learned. Apple lost the bid to furnish High School laptops to Dell last year, but a little less than a year after that move, Henrico chose Apple instead of Dell to continue in Middle Schools.

MacDailyNews readers who’ve followed this saga will also remember Henrico as the site of the mad stampede at Richmond International Raceway for the ill-advised Henrico County School’s $50 iBook sale.

UPDATE: February 10: 8:54am EST: “Henrico County middle school students will continue to use Apple laptops for another four years. On a 3-1 vote, the School Board last night approved a four-year contract worth nearly $16 million. The lone dissenter was James A. Fiorelli. Board member Hugh C. Palmer was not at the meeting. The new contract will begin after the current four-year pact with Apple ends June 30. The new contract is for 12,675 iBook laptops at a cost of $1,246 each,” Holly Prestidge reports for The Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Last night’s decision came after Dell Inc., which provides laptops for Henrico high school students, had offered last year to supply about 14,000 machines to middle schools at a cost of $1,111 per unit. That proposal was $20 less than the cost of the high school laptops. That offer expired Nov. 1.” Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, just how well can that switch from Apple+Mac OS X to Dell+Windows XP be going if the Henrico School Board quickly voted to pay more per unit for the Macs? The Henrico County School Board appears to have learned their lesson well.

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  1. Kids need to learn and work with the computer of the future, not the past. Even if they work with Windows when they grow up, it will look and work more like today’s Mac’s than today’s Windows computers.

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