Analyst: Apple to unveil Intel-based iBooks, ‘real’ video iPod at special event in April

“Analysts for Needham & Co this week said they believe Apple will hold a special media event sometime in April to unveil Intel-based iBooks and a more functional video iPod,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “‘At the end of his Macworld keynote address in January, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, noted that the company will celebrate its 30th birthday on April 1, 2006,’ analyst Charles Wolf wrote in a research note released to clients on Thursday. ‘While it’s possible that Jobs’ was simply pointing out the longevity of Apple, we interpret it as a signal that Apple will hold a major birthday party in the form of new product event around that date, most likely in early April.'”

Jade reports, “‘The one sure-fire product Apple has to introduce is an iBook running on the Intel single core Yonah processor,’ wrote Wolf. The analyst notes that the K-12 school-buying season begins in May; and the iBook represents an increasing fraction of Apple sales in this market. ‘Failure to have an Intel iBook ready for the school-buying season could significantly jeopardize Apple’s education sales,’ the analyst added. Wolf also believes that Apple will use the event introduce the ‘real’ video iPod. ‘Apple was careful to call the iPod capable of displaying video that it introduced in October just that—an iPod that played music but also featured a video viewing capability,’ he wrote. ‘According to our sources, the screen on the Video iPod will occupy the entire front of the current iPod with a touch-activated scroll wheel.’ Assuming the iPod retains the fifth-generation form factor, this move will increase the size of the screen three-fold, the analyst said.”

Full article with more here.

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  1. Interestingly… the wide screen iPod w/ the touch interface inches us closer to the form and function of the Apple smart phone. Remember that qwerty overlay from the patent app?

    And while we’re on that topic another potentially big revenue line occured to me … ringtones (iTones?) purchased via iTunes or, crafted by you in GarageBand.

    While I’m stunt-speculating here… don’t forget to throw in iChat, voip option, wireless audio/video capabilities, OS X mobular, etc. all for the same price point as a Treo.

    Only problem I forsee at this point … requires an automotive battery to run for morhe than 5 minutes (but Ive will undoubtedly make the iBatt a thing of beauty).

  2. Video iPod Folks….

    The 5th Gen iPod is NOT and NEVER has been a “Video iPod”, except for those that cannot properly parse the English language. The latest iPod is an iPod with a bigger screen that is capable of playing video. Any new product from Apple will not remove one iota of capability from the iPod you own. Technology doesn’t stand still. Get over it and enjoy your 5th gen iPod; some of us don’t have one.

  3. I predict stock analysts will try to spin any and all Apple news as positive or hopeful because they suckered lots of people into buying Apple stock thinking it would already be over $100 a share and ready to split and they are trying to calm lots of irate people that lost lots of money on Apple stock in the last couple of weeks.

    I predict that MDN will print all rumors regarding Apple no matter who and what says them.

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