Columnist blames Apple because his Windows PCs failed to work with iTunes

“Apple is the computer outfit that’s all about simplicity and logic, if you believe its corps of cultists followers. How, then, to explain the nightmare in our home occasioned by the arrival of a brand new iPod Nano portable music player? Call this a cautionary tale about believing the Apple-simplicity hype,” Steve Johnson writes for The Chicago Tribune. “I am reminded of this mid-January disaster by news that Apple has introduced a new, cheaper, smaller-capacity Nano: $149 and 1 GB of storage, or about 240 songs at the assumed rate. It’s a smart play by Apple because people will like the machine but soon grow frustrated by the limited storage space. And that means upgrade, a second purchase.”

“In our house, though, we almost didn’t make it to the stage where you can actually listen to the songs. My wife had tired of the limited song collection on her 512 MB iRiver player. So for her early January birthday, I set aside my aversion to Apple orthodoxy and surprised her with a sleek, black Nano, 4GB (8x the iRiver capacity),” Johnson writes. “Anyway, after her three hours, I spent another three going at it and at some point after 2 a.m. got the machine (sleek, to be sure, but by that point many times over cursed into the firepits of the digital underworld) communicating properly with the iTunes on one of our computers.”

Johnson spends the full article blaming Apple because he bought Windows PCs here. [Thanks to macDailyNews reader “JonT” for the link.]

Johnson also complains of the iPod nano’s “utterly preposterous failure to ship with a plug-in charger, a $30 add-on at Apple store.” He’s obviously not the brightest bulb in the pack, is he? (iPod nanos charge via USB using the cable included with each and every iPod. Not everybody wants the AC charger. Is Johnson actually proposing that Apple charge everybody more for including an AC charger in-the-box that not everybody wants or needs?)

Johnson doesn’t explain what his big problem was or how he fixed it (our guess: the iRiver’s crappy driver caused a conflict in Windows as per usual), but he does write, “let the abuse begin” at the end, so…
We put on our robes, lit some incense, and consulted telepathically with several Apple cultists followers, who unanimously replied, “Don’t blame Apple because you were too stupid to buy Macs.” Is that why you hate Apple, Mr. Johnson? Is your hate so vitriolic because subconsciously you realize that it’s your Windows PCs that aren’t capable of loading a well-tested application that’s been installed easily and successfully by tens of millions of users and/or because your Windows PCs aren’t capable of connecting to an external drive via USB? Or because you wasted your money on an iRiver MPs player?

If you have a problem, why waste so much time? Why not go to Apple’s Support pages or give them a call, even though you probably should’ve called Microsoft or iRiver? Only a Windows user would waste so much time on such a simple issue; they expect to waste time with their Windows PCs.

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  1. Are all Windoids users so dense that they don’t realize that you almost NEVER install new apps off of the discs?

    I always go to the website and download the latest version. It generally works better that way.

    Sorry, that was my first reaction to the whole story.

  2. Mr. Moron at least declares his bias– “my aversion to Apple orthodoxy–” against Apple early in the article. Too bad more people don’t have an aversion to journalistic stupidity.

  3. yeah, iTunes works on everybody else’s PC- without a hitch, but when it doesn’t work on mine, dang blast that Apple. What a maroon. God I love having a notebook computer that is 6 years old and not only runs, but has never crashed despite daily use. That is why I’m passionate about my Apples. They work. Just like my f’ng TV, toaster or stereo, in a world where hapless dupes simply accept a two year lifespan for a notebook and monthly crashes, malware, ect. That’s before you even scratch the surface of the better software that ships with Apple.

    My biggest complaint about Apple is the fact I find it hard to run out and buy a new laptop b/c this one does 90% of what I want it to do!!


  5. The standard of “journalism” keeps sinking and its all Dan Rather’s fault!!! You don’t even need to be a high school drop out to be a “journalist”. All you need is the will to write for food!!!

  6. Yeah the “orthodoxy” as he puts it is just a mask from reality.

    I am now officially dubbing this Windows phenomenon as the Windows Myth of Choice (WMC). It is that people think they have this vast amount of choice for going with a Windows PC versus the “closed” architecture of the Mac.

    All they are doing is making a choice between two platforms. Windows or Mac. Going with PC because of this perceived choice doesnt liberate anyone.

    By going with Windows all they are getting is the same crappy computer experience in their choice of ugly packaging.

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