Mafiasoft: Microsoft to charge $50 per year for security service to protect Windows

“A new security service from Microsoft Corp. will charge users $49.95 per year to better protect its Windows operating system from spyware, viruses and other Internet attacks,” Allison Linn reports for The Associated Press. “Microsoft plans to release the product in early June.”

“Called Windows OneCare Live, the subscription service will compete with security products made by traditional Microsoft partners, including Symantec Corp. and McAfee Inc. — although the software giant insists that its aim is not to run those companies out of business,” Linn reports. “Ryan Hamlin, general manager of Microsoft’s Technology Care and Safety Group, said Microsoft is less concerned with converting people already using other products. Instead, Hamlin says Microsoft’s goal is to provide protection for users who don’t have any added or up-to-date security — a group that Microsoft estimates comprises 70 percent of consumer users.”

“Microsoft, whose Windows operating system and Internet Explorer browser are constant targets of worms, viruses and other disruptive attacks, announced more than a year ago that it would offer the paid service,” Linn reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wasn’t Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP supposed to be secure? Now, they’re promising Windows Vista will be secure. Yeah, riiight. And, because they’re incapable of making Window secure, they’re going to charge their pigeons $50 per year? For “Microsoft Security,” a misnomer if ever there was one? Why not make Windows itself secure? You know, like Apple’s Mac OS X.

Anyone who buys Windows and then pays Mafiasoft $50 per year in protection money is a damn fool. If you’re that stupid, you deserve to use Windows, and only Windows, for the rest of your life. Wonder what will happen if and when Microsoft’s security subscription earnings dip and need to be, ahem, “reinvigorated?”

Here’s the best personal computer advice you’ll get all year, perhaps ever: If you only use Windows, dump it and get a Mac. Take the $50 you would have wasted for trying to secure the Windows mess, add in all of your annual wasted time and the costs of your other Windows anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware software plus the processor cycles you waste running them, and apply it toward your .Mac subscription instead. Don’t forget to ask your software vendors to “cross-grade” your software (pay the upgrade price – or in some cases just the shipping cost – to switch from the Windows version to the Mac version, instead of the full retail price – many vendors will accommodate you). You’ll come out so far ahead, you’ll think you’ve jumped forward a decade – which, of course, would be true.

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  1. If you only use Windows, dump it and get a Mac… You’ll come out so far ahead, you’ll think you’ve jumped forward a decade – which, of course, would be true.

    MDN, bloody brilliant!

    MDN MW: “sent,” as in: I’ve “sent” this article to all my Windows suffering friends and acquaintances.

  2. The part I laugh at is “Windows OneCare Live.”

    Remember back about five years ago, everything from Microsoft was “Dot Net.” Office .NET, Visual Studio .NET, etc.

    Now everything is “Live.” Office Live, OneCare Live, Windows Live, etc.

  3. This reminds me of the scene in “Tomorrow Never Dies” where Carver asks one of his men “How’s our software coming?”

    “Full of bugs and problems like you requested. People will be paying for upgrades for years.”

  4. WOW !!!!!! How pathetic, what a joke.
    Glad I’m not now or have ever been a Windows user.
    Is it called Windows because you want to throw your computer and or self out a Window when using ?

  5. Does this $50/month even guarantee you anything? I’ll be they have absolutely NO responsibility if they fail to protect you.

    I tried talking to some friends this weekend about the Mac being more secure, easier, no viruses, etc. They fought me on every point despite all the evidence on my side. Freakin’ idiots. I need new friends!

  6. “People who use Windows get what they deserve. It’s like smokers who complain that they get lung cancer. Windows users are IDIOTS!”

    Its funny how you all think your so superior yet you buy up whatever Jobs releases to the market and praise it as a god send. Yet you call a windows user an idiot. We are the ones who turn on our MP3 players and have to be shown a sad or happy face to know whether its working.

    Yesterday I had some idiot call in on a support line asking for help connecting his Mac to the internet. I actually laughed at him… You know why? I said to him its a Mac aren’t you just supposed to be able to plug it in and it does everything for you? Apple sells its self as easier and better yet they require just as much setup they are only in a prettier box and on that note I tell you… Your all a bunch of conformists. Everyone of you owns the same machine with the same specs built by the same people at least windows users actually like a choice see thats what you get when you by a PC you get a choice not a bunch of Big Brother propaganda being shoved down your throat. ie.. You must buy and use this software only. …. Your itunes songs that you paid for can only be played on your iPod and not on any other music player.

    Sounds to me like someone telling me how to use everything I buy the way they want me too.

    Like Bill Gates telling me I can only print Word .doc’s on a microsoft printer. Sounds stupid doesn’t it

    What a bunch of losers.

  7. Hopefully I’m the first and last to mention this.

    Windows User=troll

    Don’t even reply people. He’s already got his tiny package in his hand, is refreshing the browser, and is anticpating the violent response he’s going to get.

  8. $50 can get you 1 year domain registration plus 1 year hosting, on which you can start a company and grow into a 100 billion dollar company and compete against Microsoft probably take over the company and dominate the universe with your own products and services.

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