More blood on Apple iPod’s Click Wheel: Dell dumps ‘DJ’ hard-drive MP3 player line

“Dell Inc. stopped selling its most expensive digital music players after failing to take market share from Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Bloomberg News. “Dell, the world’s largest personal computer maker, discontinued three Digital Jukebox players that sell for $200 to $300 in late December and early January, a spokesman said Friday. Dell still will sell the $99 DJ Ditty, he said.”

“The decision underscores the difficulty companies including Dell have had trying to unseat the best-selling iPod. Dell introduced the music players in 2003 as part of a strategy to expand sales beyond desktop PCs. The versions being scrapped used hard drives to store music; newer models use cheaper flash-memory chips,” Guglielmo reports. “It follows Apple’s introduction last fall of the Nano, an ultrathin MP3 player that uses flash instead of a hard drive. It replaced the popular iPod Mini, which used a hard drive. Apple’s full-size iPods still contain hard drives. ‘No vendor other than Apple has really stepped up to the combination of design, marketing and user experience that is required by this segment,’ said Rob Enderle, president of the Enderle Group, a research firm based in San Jose, Calif. The iPod accounted for 69 percent of all music players sold from January through November in the U.S., according to NPD Group Inc. in Port Washington, N.Y. SanDisk Corp. of Sunnyvale, Calif., Singapore’s Creative Technology Ltd. and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. each have less than 10 percent.”

Full article here.
Yum, a particularly savory kill. Whatsamatter, Dell, done in by a “fad?” cool smirk
(Amazingly, even Endlere’s quote makes sense.)

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  1. the “DJ” is DEAD!


    good riddance… that mo’fo stunk like hot skunk shit.

  2. I’d normally say competition is good, but when it comes to music players I don’t think there’s any point trying to outdo iPod.
    The rest of the world is finally discovering what we Mac users have known for years: the only company Apple tries to outdo is itself.

  3. Dell what? I’ve never even seen a music player by Dell. I see iPods daily. Correction–I see many iPods daily.

    “I see dead MP3” players would be a good quote right about now, except the only MP3 players that I do see are alive and kicking… And they’re all iPods!

    MW: Society. Society doesn’t want an iPod killer. They just want the next iPod! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. That should have read, “I see dead MP3 players.” Sorry if that seemed confusing.

    (Just living up to my name, I guess.) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. “The versions being scrapped used hard drives to store music; newer models use cheaper flash-memory chips”

    Um, that’s incorrect. Flash memory at the same capacity of the Dell DJs that were discontinued would cost a lot more per GB. Flash memory is only cheaper than low capacity hard drives (4-6GB) where the cost/GB is much higher.

  6. DJ lol another win for Apple. Dell is finished along with Windoze, I think the end is near for the two incompetent companies.
    This may be the best year for Mac sales, I see at least a 2% market share growth for the year.
    Tiger vs Visto ..please…see the light people…..Mac ZERO viruses.

    Why don’t people see what we see??

  7. Tempus Fugit,

    Hey dude, just a friendly reminder. Not all of us have 30″ Cinema Displays!

    Try to keep any individual words in your posts under 80 characters.


  8. The plain fact is not that the iPod is a better player than the rest, the Zen ‘Whatever’ may well be better.
    What they all lack is the infrastructure that supports and complements the iPod – iTunes (with it’s simple to get into debt Music Store).
    The unCreatives and the Dulls of this world cannot hold a candle.

  9. On the subways of NYC (huge population, therefore the opportunity to notice the extremely-poorly represented now and then) I actually saw someone using (MDN:MW) a Dell DJ. It looked like one of those really ugly iPod accessories that might be used to extend battery life by about 3 days or so. Definitely big enough to have a slot to load a G4 iPod into it.

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