Macs outstrip Windows PC’s 22 to 7 in one of world’s hippest places

“It’s no secret that among the young and hip, Macs are the computer of choice. That has been proven time and time again at blogger conferences, at universities and in the personal computers of many tech companies’ employees,” Daniel Terdiman blogs for CNET. “But how would they fare in a public place in one of the hippest neighborhoods in one of the hippest cities?”

“Well, I decided to put it to the test Friday, by visiting Ritual, one of the newest cafes in San Francisco’s Mission District… at nearly every table was at least one, if not two, laptops,” Terdiman writes. “And the breakdown? It wasn’t even close. Score one for the Mac. Final tally? Get this: 22 Macs and only seven PCs.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “sailfish” for the link.]

MacDailyNews Take: “Mac OS users have made a conscious technology choice and are therefore typically better informed than their peers.”Paul Thurrott, December 06, 2004

Even if Apple fails to convince others to open their minds to the possibilities of freedom from Windows, if the young and informed overwhelmingly choose Mac, all Apple really needs to do is wait for the old and uninformed to die off. Apple should keep trying, though, because as the Thurrott case proves, just about anybody can eventually see the light – if only they’d just give the Mac a serious try.

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  1. Yea, a tipping point where you can’t run Photoshop, Flash or other Adobe apps for over a year. We very well may see a tipping point in which current Mac users switch to a PC to use the latest versions of these apps,

  2. Apple needs to advertise some OS X porn NOW.
    It’s unbelievable one has to dig into Apple’s website to discover it all…
    Macs are on the rise at school too, btw.
    (yay first post I hope)

  3. You also see a lot of Macs in TV commercials. Whenever I produce one that requires a computer to be in the shot, we always use a Mac. They just simply look cooler. Plus, all the creatives at the agency use them, and they HATE PCs. So, I guess we’re giving a multibillion dollar company free advertising. Now that’s brand loyalty.

  4. I knew the turning point had come the other day when a friend who has never entertained the notion of buying a Mac said he was seriously considering one. He was a recent iPod purchaser, and sat up and took notice when I pointed out he could get a MacBook Pro for the same price he was looking at for Windoze laptops. And being a budding photographer, he likes the look of Aperture and Lightroom.
    Roll on the revolution …

  5. I guess I’ve been (and still am…?) “young and hip” since 1985 (the “fat mac 512KE ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> . I must admit that I’ve always thought I was ahead of the curve.

    But, I’m not so sure I like that fact that you’re anxiously waiting for my PC-centric friends to die off…. cause that don’t sound so good for me!

    21 years of utter superiority and loving it.

    MDN magic word “light” as in “I saw the light”

    21 years ago, and now, according to some not too far into the future
    “walk towards the light my son”

  6. “Tipping Point”, if Adobe is serious about their projections for creating Universal Binaries for their aps, then it will leave a huge hole for someone else to jump in and fill it, more likely with a better application.

    I do not adhere to any single company for my needs. I will use whatever allows me to create my results as fast and as impressive as possible. These up and coming newbies that are switching to Apple are equally as likely to switch from daddy’s old 90’s-looking Adobe aps and seek something better; something more intuitive with the interface of Aperture. Adobe no longer has the stranglehold on illustration and print media standards, and their admitted delay, an apparent lack of caring about their customer’s needs, is being seen as arrogant and forcing those of us not mired into the industry’s old school thinking to seek a software company that cares and truly understands. If Apple picks up this ball, Adobe and the MS Windows users are so screwed!

    The Fundamental Business Credo: “Innovate or die!”

  7. To Adobe I say good riddance. Photoshop has gotten more bloated and slower with ever version – and has returned very little. Photoshop 3.0 ran like silk on my 6700, while CS2.0 feels sluggish on my 1.8GHz G5 iMac. For what? 16bit colour support and a handful of oddball filters? Sorry, but I see more value in having an EFFICIENT program running on my system than one so riddled with “features” that it brings modern work-horse machines to their knees.

    Personally, I’m going to try Aperture and otherwise move to The GIMP, which has been ported to Universal Binary in a far more timely manner. It’s odd that Adobe doesn’t understand how incredibly insulting their being to the user base that helped create them in the first place. Quite a nauseating contrast to 1993…

    “1993 [Photoshop] Version 2.5.1 is released. One of the first apps to run native on a PowerPC chip.”

  8. “Where are the usual Gay Mac User jokes in the feedback?”
    Probably with all of the tired, old, racial jokes; regurgitated only by small groups of geriatric bigots and small-minded idiots.

  9. Apple needs to get more MAcs into schools because once kids become grownups they’ll probably stick with Apple.
    On the other side when you start life using Windoh’s and have been all through school, you tend to stick with whats familiar.

    OK, here’s the point people won’t switch unless they have to. Why learn a new OS, when people are comfortable in Windoh’s.

    Jeez, I was finding myself going back to Classic OS9 when I first had OSX on my iMac. I was uncomfortable in OSX for a LONG time, simply felt out of place. Now, with OSX 4.4, I can never go back to Classic 9. It’s a big change to switch OS

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