End comes quickly for 17-inch iMac G5, as Apple discontinues sales of model

Only 20-inch 2.1GHz iMac G5s are left on Apple online store or, according to MacDailyNews readers’ report, at Apple’s Retail Stores; the 17-inch iMac G5 model is nowhere to be found.

How long the 20-inch iMac G5 models will last is anybody’s guess. If you want that model, you might want to place your order today.

Apple’s online store is here.

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  1. I echo Think’s perspective on this. In the corporate world things aren’t always that easy to do quickly. I’m in the interesting position of recommending what to buy to replace G4 PowerMacs at work at the same time as thinking of upgrading my own PowerMac g5 1.6GHz. The work machines are used to run/develop MySQL/PHP web apps, Filemaker 6 web apps, and Dreamweaver. The MySQL/PHP situ is no problem as they are just unix apps that can be recompiled appropriately. Filemaker 6 is a problem – yes FMP8 is now available but the old web apps use CDML which isn’t supported in FMP8. Sure they could be ported but this is work for no gain, they’re legacy sysems we kinda want to keep for as long as possible because of the data they contain. Dreamweaver won’t be intel native till the middle of 07 most likely. So it’s a pretty easy choice really – go with PowerMac G5 dual-core. According to one of the comments above:

    >only a fool would purchase any PowerPC platform now

    Doesn’t seem that way to me… I don’t fancy running Dreamweaver over Rosetta for 18 months or reworking a bunch of old FMP6 web apps to work in FMP8, I’ve got better things to do.

    Regarding my home machine it’s a much easier chioce, Intel all the way. The only software I’m lacking there is digital photography software for converting RAW files – Canon’s own software may take some time, but RAW conversion software is quite a hot market at the moment and I’m sure something will take up the slack. Maybe Aperture if its dodgy RAW conversion is sorted out.

    So it’s not a simple picture, what’s right for one person may be wrong for another. But it is not just Apple, this is a sector problem. eg my company had a mad rush at the end of last year to move a bunch of web apps away from Windows NT servers before MS ceased support for them. At least an old mac will just keep on running, once MS ceases support you get no more updates and you’d be virus-ridden in the time it takes for Bill Gates to say monopolistic.

  2. I whole-heartedly disagree with those who say they would buy a G5 now. If you are a professional graphic designer and you need a new machine soon, the G5 is the only option. Not because the Core Duo is lacking, but because Adobe isn’t going to have UB versions of their apps ready until possibly more than a year. That’s a long time to work in Rosetta which may only run at 60% speed. I’d advise any designer to get a G5 today. By the time you need a new system, all the complications of the Intel transition will be over with.

  3. how fast do applications run under Rosetta? i’ve seen some posts saying that programs run as fast as as a G4. If that’s true, that’s fast enough for me, for now, as i use a G4.

  4. The speed of Rosetta varies depending on the type of program and the amount of RAM in your computer. If you’re upgrading from an older computer, you may actually see speed increases. From what I’ve read, apps like Word hardly show any hit at all while appls like Photoshop are pretty painful. Then there are a few that won’t work in Rosetta at all.

  5. I read another review where they had 1 GB of ram in the iMac and tested Photoshop. It ran much faster with the extra memory. Something about Rosetta needs lots of ram for itself on top of what Photoshop needs. Or any other DTP application.
    The review mentioned that the more ram, Rosetta can keep more converted code in ram for fast reuse instead of having to dump it and then reconvert the code again.

    I’ll see if I can find that review and post the link.

    Kind of similar to running Virtual PC (on G5 Mac). I was amazed at users complaining about the speed and they only had 256 meg of ram in the Mac. Good god man, you are trying to run two OS’s at the same time, one of which is Windows XP. That one alone needs 256 megs or more. Throw more ram in the Mac and VPC runs better. Go figure.
    OS X is very ram dependant when it comes to speed.

  6. I have to say after hearing Adobe won’t be updating current versions of their software to binary, I am very relieved I got an iMac G5 17″ for home just before Christmas. I like iLife for my pics and music… but I NEED Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign etc. I’m happy to wait for my Intel Mac next time, and judging by Mac sales last year I think there are a lot of other people like me.

  7. Apple Resellers should have new 17 inch imac G5’s for a while longer. Just because the Apple store is out doesn’t mean the resellers are sold out yet. It will still be a while yet before they are all sold.

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