End comes quickly for 17-inch iMac G5, as Apple discontinues sales of model

Only 20-inch 2.1GHz iMac G5s are left on Apple online store or, according to MacDailyNews readers’ report, at Apple’s Retail Stores; the 17-inch iMac G5 model is nowhere to be found.

How long the 20-inch iMac G5 models will last is anybody’s guess. If you want that model, you might want to place your order today.

Apple’s online store is here.

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  1. Now wait a minute. I happy that the new Intel version is out the door, but in the real corparate world I have some Classic apps that still have to be used. What are these customers supposed to do when buying a few more iMacs for the new employees that get hired thruout the coming year?

    I expected a longer overlap with the G5 iMacs. Hmmm.

    Any thought?

  2. That’s because they’re damn good machines, even with the Intel updated one available.

    I’m very happy with mine. It keeps surprising me with just how fast it is compared to my PBG4. And that screen is just incredible to use.

    I’ll stop now before I get accused of being TOO geeky.

  3. If anyone is still using classic thats a problem that needs to be addressed. If there is no app for osx that can take the place of the classic app you need to write apple and tell them about it. OS9 is dead.

  4. only a fool would purchase any PowerPC platform now…We all remember (some of us forget)Apple’s propensity to throw hardware/software support out the window in only a short period of time following a platform switch. Buyer beware.

  5. No one who is thinking straight would buy an iMac G5 now that the Core Duo iMac is out. Besides, there are other PPC Mac options if you absolutely need a new Mac that runs certain apps. But most people should be thinking : Intel or bust!

  6. apple might be discontinuing the hardware, but PPC apps and OS X will continue to be supported for quite some time, as i recall hearing. heck, “classic” was supported years after the “death” of Mac OS 9. and i do agree that anyone who’s still clining to their OS 9 apps in 2006 does need to either get an update to their software, or not worry themselves over new hardware because their older hardware will still run OS 9 just fine.

  7. Think, can you upgrade any of those classic apps? The last classic app I use that hasn’t been upgraded, Fontographer, was finally ported to OS X in November. But as the classic version runs just fine on my G5 Dual, and the port is simply a port and not an upgrade I have no incentive to lose it.

    Oh yeah, and my fonts CD unlocker is a classic app. Classic? Sorry OS 9 only. When I bought the Dual, I had to load my fonts from scratch, which required booting the Dual in target mode, and starting up my TiBook400 in OS 9 to reload my fonts. Thank god I’ve got a DMG back-up now.

  8. “Now wait a minute. I happy that the new Intel version is out the door, but in the real corparate world I have some Classic apps that still have to be used. What are these customers supposed to do when buying a few more iMacs for the new employees that get hired thruout the coming year?”

    Apple will still have refurbished iMac G5 models for sale for several months to come. They’re more than suitable for business use if you still have Classic apps that have to be used (although I’m not sure why any business today would still be using software that ancient).

  9. First program is an accounting package called Clients & Profits. They do have an OS X version, but when running it with an OS 10 Server, it will not work. Apparently OS X server has an issue with record locking with certain databases and until Apple fixes the bug in Server, Clients and Profits will not work.
    Hence my choice is either, A- Keep the old Appleshare IP 6 server (just for this) and run the OS 9 version of Clients and Profits on the users Macs,
    B- Buy a Windows 2000 Server to put the database on it and use the OS X version of Clients and Profits on the users Macs.

    This is a small buisness that is an all Mac shop. They don’t want, nor can afford a Windows Server to support. Key word there is SUPPORT.

    Second app is Outlook 2001. In large corporations that are very security aware, they do not have Outlook Web access and the other options turned on for Entourage to work. So the ONLY choice in these large companies is Outlook 2001.

    There is no substitute for that. E-mail, yes but not calendar and all the little extras.

    Trust me, I want to move to the new Macs, but many companies can’t turn on a dime and roll out a whole new plan quickly. Just a fact of life in the corporate world.

    Thanks for the responses though.

  10. Yes, refurbs and used Macs. I buy most of mine that way. That will probably be the answer when the time comes. Not what the company might want, but might be unavoidable.


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