Apple Mac is #1 in European education market, pushes Dell down into second place

Confirming the news we broke yesterday (Apple Mac hits #1 in Western Europe Education market), Apple says the company has taken the #1 spot in the European education market. Apple’s education market share in Europe is now 15.2%. That figure pushes Dell down into second place with 14.7%.

In an interview with Macworld UK, Apple UK general manager Mark Rogers said, “We have gained significantly in the last few years.” Apple is still second to Dell in the US education market where it has 22-23 per cent market share,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK. Full article here.

Other interesting Mac education market share numbers include: Switzerland 54.4% (not a typo), France 19.5%, Sweden 15.2%, Germany 15.6%. According to the numbers we’ve seen, 22% of the Western European education market say they plan to purchase Macintosh personal computers in the next year.

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  1. iPodder – read the article. MDN says Apple made the comment -“Apple says the company has taken the #1 spot in the European education market.”
    Apple never did.
    MDN is spreading FUD again.

  2. Janice,

    I read the article and please, re-read my post. I did not say Apple said it: I said Apple did not and did not need to either! Gartner says it which, frankly, has WAY MORE CREDIT than anyone else saying it, even Apple.

    As I said in my post, every company can say “We are #1” and means nothing. When Gartner says “THEY are #1” every company shuts up and the THEY – professionally – say: “well, we made lots of progress”


  3. and, Janice, read as well my second post. I mention nowhere MDN. They are big enough to advocate for themselves. Only this very post has MDN mentioned.

    I hope you now capish.

  4. BTW, Apple internal emails are all over the place with a big grin:

    “Team, WE ARE #1 in Education! Join for a drink.”

    But you will not see this statements in public emails or communication. Gartner, which has weight and credibility, is more than enough.


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