Apple Mac is #1 in European education market, pushes Dell down into second place

Confirming the news we broke yesterday (Apple Mac hits #1 in Western Europe Education market), Apple says the company has taken the #1 spot in the European education market. Apple’s education market share in Europe is now 15.2%. That figure pushes Dell down into second place with 14.7%.

In an interview with Macworld UK, Apple UK general manager Mark Rogers said, “We have gained significantly in the last few years.” Apple is still second to Dell in the US education market where it has 22-23 per cent market share,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK. Full article here.

Other interesting Mac education market share numbers include: Switzerland 54.4% (not a typo), France 19.5%, Sweden 15.2%, Germany 15.6%. According to the numbers we’ve seen, 22% of the Western European education market say they plan to purchase Macintosh personal computers in the next year.

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  1. Nice upswing in momentum, but Apple in the US still has way more market share than Apple in Europe.

    It would be nice if Dell just disappeared down the table though. Out of all the WinTel equipment I’ve worked with, Dell is by far the worst in quality. And their customer support stinks from my experience.

    Why should teachers have to put up with that? If you have to use Windows, buy HP. They at least are well built machines, and aren’t filled with whatever the cheapest components were that week.

  2. This is one more sign that Apple’s empire is about to come crumbling down. If Apple manages to take over the PC market then what? There’s no place but down from there.

    Just give up. Sell your stock. Get out while you still can.

  3. excellent.
    Dull are the worst built computers going around. they pride themselves on it.
    if they could insert faeces into a computer and get away with it they would.
    and microsoft would try and tell you they partner with ‘innovative companies’ too.

  4. Gwendo, I love that idea. However I don’t think that any of us could write stuff as stupid as Enderle does. I mean, Microsoft wrote the first Mac OS and is writing the current one? I mean you gotta be seriously mentally challenged to say something like that.

  5. Dave H.

    According to Apple’s own numbers, Europe makes up something like 44% of Apple’s worldwide hardware sales.

    More Macs are sold in the US, but not by much.

  6. My entry for the Enderle-a-like competition:

    “European educationalists are ignoring the real world and choosing Apple Macs. Children will be quite unable to understand viruses or the real-world fear of using the system of choice of bureaucrats, exceedingly intelligent IT managers and let’s not forget, supermakets. These spoiled kids will live in a world of cool, where their only fear is of being hit on the head by the top-heavy iMac in an earthquake. Is this really what we want for our children?”

  7. MDN: “Apple says the company has taken the #1 spot in the European education market”

    Where does Apple say that?
    No where in the article you site does apple make that statement.
    That Apple guy states in article:
    “Speaking with Macworld recently about his company’s strategy in the educaton market, Apple UK general manager Mark Rogers said: “We have gained significantly in the last few years. It’s only in the last few years we have emerged in Europe.”

    That´s it. He does not say they are #1.

    This is all total B.S.
    Apple computer has less than 2% of the consumer market in Germany. Germany is very much Windows oriented.

    Go to the website under Schule & uni and you don´t see this news about Apple #1 in the school market.
    Here´s a list of all the Universities in German and Austria that have Apple campues stores for students:
    Germany has over 89,000,000 people and just a handful of universities are even offering Apple computers on campus. (And click on some of the links to their stores – they don´t work!)

    My son goes to a Gymnasium in Germany with over 1,000 students. No Apple computers there; in fact, he is the only one that he has seen with an iPod.

  8. H&F: Where does Apple say that?
    No where in the article you site does apple make that statement.

    Silly, Apple can’t and does not need to. It is not companies that CLAIM that but independent market consultants organization like Gartner that says that.

    Before Gartner was saying Dell was #1 now it says Apple is. And Apple comment was rightly the “We have gained significantly”.

    Companies get their data from Gartner, ie, independent sources, otherwise everyone would say “We are #1”

    Hanz und Franz: have you heard Dell complaining or questioning Gartner like you did? “This is bullshit, WE DELL ARE #1”. Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN’T.

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