BusinessWeek: Apple’s new iMac Core Duo is an iMac on Steroids

“The most remarkable thing about Apple Computer’s newest iMac is that, even after using it for a while, it’s hard to tell just how different it is from the identical-looking iMac G5 introduced last fall. Don’t be deceived by the similarities. Hidden in the new iMac is a processor that will let this line of Macs grow and meet the increasing performance demands of software,” Stephen H. Wildstrom reports for BusinesWeek. “The real payback of the new Intel-based Mac will be down the road when software developers have time to catch up.”

“Intel’s Core Duo is the first design in a new generation of processors that has lots of growing room. Apple is now well-positioned to handle the ever more demanding media applications that are coming. The MacBook will probably show more impressive performance gains than the iMac because PowerBooks today are actually relative weaklings,” Wildstrom reports. “In coming months, Apple will bring out Intel versions of the Mac mini, the education-oriented iBook laptops, and the professional Power Macs. The polish with which Apple has managed the transition bodes well for Mac fans.”

Full article here.

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  1. He mistakenly states that the MacBook Pro will be out in March. The online Apple Store states the shipping date as February, and I think Steve in his keynote mentioned it as mid-February. Mid-February is what the people at the local Apple store said, too.

  2. John, That’s not entirely correct…

    Apart from getting faster processors in laptops, Hollywood and movies are one of the main reasons for the Intel switch…

    The only way that the big Hollywood studios would allow a movie service is with both a hardware and software DRM… Something only the Intel chips will be able to provide.

  3. Mike “The only way that the big Hollywood studios would allow a movie service is with both a hardware and software DRM… Something only the Intel chips will be able to provide”

    I can’t see it somehow. Not only do they lock out 30 million potential Mac-owning customers, but virtually the entire Windows-using world. Unless they aren’t planning to open a Movie store until sometime in 2007 when a lot more people have updated their machines, it doesn’t make sense. People will just keep buying DVDs.

  4. I received my new 20″ iMac Core Duo yesterday and now that I have my work space back in order I thought I’d take a moment to say a few things about it.

    First, it is FAST. But then coming from an aging G4/400 makes it more impressive than if I had had a more recent Power Mac. I have noticed that most of my applications that run in Rosetta are very speedy and I do not notice too much difference in performance. So, for the home consumer user at least, Rosetta seems to work fine. Some take a bit longer to launch, but after that they run very well. Pages from iWork ’05 is noticeably slower than the Pages 2 trial copy, so I will update later. Apps that run in Intel native mode are really fast. Some web sites load instantly in Safari.

    Second, it is quiet. There is no noticeable fan noise, but I have not really pressed it hard yet either, I guess.

    Third, Target Disk Mode made the data transfer a breeze. It saved me hours of data transfers and application installs. Thank you very much, Apple.

    Bad news: Freeway Pro crashes on launch. I will contact SoftPress and find out what they might know about this.

  5. Dave H: I’ve been saying exactly the same thing ever since the Intel transition was announced. The only way I could see Intel-specific DRM being used would be in a dedicated device, not via the Mac.

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