CBS offers viewing of ‘Survivor: Panama’ for $1.99 for 24-hour period

“New episodes of the popular ‘Survivor’ reality television series will be made available for download directly from CBS Corp.’s Web site for $1.99 per episode, a first in network TV, the company said on Wednesday,” Kenneth Li reports for Reuters. CBS’s “plans gives the television network an option to use its own online properties to distribute shows rather than relying on other companies such as Internet company Google or Apple Computer Inc.’s popular iTunes service… It plans to pursue even more deals, executives have said. But it has no intentions to be cut out of the action.”

“New episodes will be available shortly after midnight following the airing of new episodes on TV. Customers will be able to watch the episode for a 24-hour period after paying,” Li reports.

Full article here.
Fools. From what we can see, this thing will not work with iPod, offers 24-hour limited-time viewing, will likely be Windows Media-based, and do they really think they’d be “cut out of the action” if they used iTunes? Whom do they think gets the lion’s share of the $1.99 that TV shows cost on iTunes? Hint, CBS, it’s not Apple, it’d be you, if you weren’t dinosaurs.

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  1. Idiots…Why would I want to watch the show…now? If I downloaded the show I would want to watch it at my leisure, not at their’s!! I doubt that this will fly.

    BTW, it looks like they are trying to adapt the Blockbuster video rental strategy. Don’t think it will fly.

  2. WOW!! You mean I can rent an entire 43 minute episode of a tiring reality series for an entire 24 hour period and be forced to watch it on a Windows based PC after I secure my connection and make sure no one is going to steal my credit card information while I make the purchase of a measly $1.99 instead of having to suffer through the easy, intuitive, cross platform interface of iTunes that puts the videos into an organized, easy to find application that also makes me delete the file if I don’t want to have infinite access to it on my computer and/or iPod for the same price?

    Sign me Up!!! Long Live Limitations!!!

  3. We have no TV downloads available here in the UK and after reading this rubbish I know why. When are the sad grey suits going to make way for a more ‘Steve’ mentality? Well when??

  4. God, I hate network execs. Who in the world thought this was a good idea. Sure pay $1.99 to watch something that will expire, when you can just record it from TV or download it and watch it whenever. I already pay for TV, I don’t need to pay for the shows. When I buy from iTunes I pay for CONVENIENCE —

    1) the ability to watch the show whenever I want (same day, next day, or two months from now. I still have episodes of Commander in Chief that have been sitting for 3-4 weeks);

    2) the ability to watch the show where I want (my laptop, my iPod, or my TV, in my house, at the library, on the bus, wherever); and

    3) the ability to download rapidly (because bittorrent is great but only really popular shows download fast, and still not as fast as iTMS

    Why would I rent a show for $1.99 to have it disappear if I haven’t watched it in a day. Even my local video store gives me a couple days to watch video.

  5. This is surprising and disappointing. I just shake my head at such decisions. Somewhere, some executive with too many bullet points on a PowerPoint slide managed to pull the wool over the eyes of CBS powers that be.

    Go with the flow and actually sell something, guys.

    Instead, someone was convinced to take a larger slice of a smaller pie. A pie that won’t get many buyers. For now, iTunes Music Store is the way for content providers to actually sell their content, vs. ‘put it up for sale.’ Big difference.

    My biggest concern regarding this whole video content issue is Burst, not inept executives at CBS. Burst wants a big slice of Apple’s music and video pie, and Apple’s not willing to pay the price. Instead, Apple is seeking to invalidate Burst’s patents regarding downloading caching systems, etc. That should be fun to watch. Well, but not as funner as watching someone sue Apple for iPods that are too loud.

    Hey, look. My iPod has a volume control feature! Too bad that guy didn’t have one. Now all he can do is watch videos on his iPod because he’s deaf. Except he won’t be able to watch Survivor on an iPod.

    Tera Patricks

  6. The whole thing is dumb, but what I really don’t get is the 24-hours crap. If I remember in that 24-hour window I’ll have watched or recorded the show. If I didn’t or couldn’t do either then that 24-hour period is just a waste.

    And knowing CBS’ previous video efforts they’ll do WMV, which you will be able to watch on a Mac (FWIW), but the Window will be postage stamp sized, it’ll stream only, and you won’t be able to comfortably watch.

    Just remember the “S” in CBS stands for stupid.

  7. “But it has no intentions to be cut out of the action.”

    How much of the action did they use up just prepping their video service – when all they had to do was give a copy to Apple and watch the money come in. Oh wait, it’s Survivor – nevermind.

  8. At first, I was like, “OK. Cool. I love Survivor… this will be great.”
    But then I read that I can only watch it in a 24-hour period. How stupid can they be??? Really, what a bunch of bozos.

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