Prize to boot Windows XP on an Intel Mac reward surpasses US$7,000

“A self-professed Mac lover who jump-started a prize award for the first person to figure out how to boot Windows XP on an Intel-based Macintosh is confident that someone will step forward to claim the bounty,” Gregg Keizer reports for TechWeb News. “‘I’m an optimist,’ said Colin Nederkoorn of Houston, Texas, and the creator of The Contest Web site. ‘I think someone will claim it.'”

MacDailyNews Note: As of 11:55am CST, the prize total stands at $7115.

Keizer continues, “Among his requirements, Nederkoorn said, were that the user must be able to boot either OS X or Windows XP at startup; and boot XP, not Vista or other versions. The process cannot rely on virtualization software. ‘When the Intel Macs were announced, I expected Apple would have the foresight to make it easy to dual boot,’ said Nederkoorn. ‘But then I found out that Apple was using EFI rather than a BIOS. One group said it should still be possible, while a whole other camp said it was impossible.’ Nederkoorn believes someone should be able to figure it out. ‘But someone needed to get in there and give them an incentive,’ he said. And The Contest was born.”

Full article here.

“Windows XP on an Intel Mac” Contest here.

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  1. My only motivation for wanting this to happen is just so I can say that it can be done. That’s something no PC weenie will be able to say that their Dull box does (able to run both OS X and Winblows).

  2. Almost nobody needs Windows if they REALLY look into it. Windows at work and you can’t change that? OK, keep it there.

    But people THINK they need Windows, so let’s give it to ’em… along with OS X which is what they’ll REALLY use.

  3. yeah – Apple is LAME for using the new EFI technology and preventing you from getting a 80×25 text screen at startup telling you to hit F2 to change your settings..

    Tapdancing Allah – its a Mac. If you want a POS fsck around box – go buy one.

  4. As a graphic designer in a manufacturing company I’d love to have a Mac that also does Windows, it would allow me to actually have a Mac. My boss won’t even consider a Mac… Now, if my machine runs both I may be able to convince him. (please, oh please).

    My boss also does a lot of IT stuff and he has no idea how well Macs behave. He’s stuck in his windows world and cannot comprehend that there’s better out there. He figures that he tried Linux 4-years ago and thats the alternative.

  5. At it, don’t be so sure. We’ve already seen evidence of IBM ThinkPads running the Intel developer release of Mac OS X. It may actually be easier to run Mac OS X on a Dell right now than it is to run Windows XP on an iMac Core Duo. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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