Analyst: Apple seeing strong sales of iMac Core Duo, MacBook Pro, 5th generation iPod

“Contrary to recent and unsubstantiated rumors, sales of Apple’s new Intel-based iMac Core Duo desktops and MacBook Pro portables both appear to be strong, reports research and investment firm American Technology Research,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “In a research note sent to clients on Wednesday morning, analyst Shaw Wu said both of Apple’s new Intel Macs are selling well. The analyst believes the strong sales may be fueled by customers who had been holding off their Mac purchases until the Intel models made their debut. Specifically, Wu said his firm is seeing particular strength in sales to education (K-12 and higher education), content creation, and consumer end markets.”

Marsal reports, “Apple’s decision to simultaneously market both PowerPC and Intel Macs has caused some customer confusion in the field, Wu said, but he isn’t too concerned. ‘We do not anticipate this to last that long as inventories of PowerPC Macs appear fairly lean at around 3-4 weeks, which is likely the primary reason why Apple hasn’t offered discounts.’ Additionally, the analyst expects Apple will migrate the remainder of its PowerPC product line to Intel processors within the next two quarters. ‘Selling two processor families and marketing one as superior to another adds to customer confusion and isn’t a sound long-term strategy, in our opinion,’ Wu wrote.”

Wu also says that fifth-generation iPod sales also remain strong and more in the full article here.

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  1. Yes! This is important, not the daily wiggles in AAPL. What a year we have ahead of us! Apple is firing on all cylinders. I expect big announcements as Intel ramps up production. Remember, the delay in Apple’s product announcements due to Intel production ramp up was entirely predictable. New chip introductions are always like this. It is an inherent part of the business.

  2. thinksecret should be ashamed of that story… one check here tells the story: 9/10 top sellers at Amazon are Macs.

    Top seller is the old 12″ iBook! SO much for the “Osbourne Effect”

    Nos 2 & 3? Tghe new 17″ and 20″ intel iMacs

    thinksecret should stick to product rumours and keep their noses out of things they don’t understand. Their “rumour” knocked Apple shares down by 5% over yesterday and today.

  3. Think Secret is just trying to get back at Apple for taking them to the cleaners over spilling the beans about the Mac mini last year. So now they’re firing off bogus stories of bad sales to try and hurt the stock price.

  4. funny thing about think secret was that the comments on the bottom, people saying that the apple stores the commented people were saying said that the intel duel core were doing very well, and most hadn’t been on the shelf too long before they were gone.

  5. iMac G5 has a SINGLE CORE cpu
    intel iMac has a DUAL CORE cpu

    the G5 is at 90nm
    intel Core Duo at 65nm

    intel Core Duo’s performance is not impressive at all…

    What would have been impressive if Apple would have given IBM a couple million(which they would have made more than double back) to develop a DUAL CORE MOBILE. Or gone with the DUAL CORE 2ghz G4 from Freescale for the laptops. Either choice would have produced cpu’s that both consume less and perform better then the intel Core Duo chips.

    Intel HA! Pathetic!

  6. that’s really stupid. a couple of million to design a chip?? They already did mobile versions of the G5 and they are pathetic. Each core in the duo is faster than the old G5 in the iMac. You can say plenty of things about the transition but Intel’s new chips being slow just doesn’t make sense. Buy a PPC G4 PowerBook 15 inch if ya want. Enjoy…

    Oh, and the new benchmarks on iTunes ripping is a retarded idea. Ripping?!? since when has that ever been a benchmark. First there’s the question of if the optical drive is keeping the new chips back. And who’s to say Apple completely optimized the new chips for consumer product ripping. Yeah right. Can’t wait until programs are ported so we can get some real benchmarks (though I liked the ones that Stevey showed ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> )

  7. “What would have been impressive if Apple would have given IBM a couple million(which they would have made more than double back) to develop a DUAL CORE MOBILE.”

    Nice idea, but who’d want a PowerBook that was twice as hot & had half the battery life? Besides, designing and fabbing a competitive chip today can run into the BILLIONS. If it only took a couple million Apple would be making their own chips.

    Forget the money. Considering what happened to the PowerPC’s momentum and potential, all that IBM deserves is a swift kick.

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