AOL to launch pay-for-download video service; would like to ‘interact’ with Apple’s iTunes

“Time Warner’s AOL unit is planning to launch a pay-for-download video service by the end of the year, as people grow more accustomed to watching content on the Web,” Jonathan Berr reports for “AOL, which already has one of the largest video libraries on the Internet, is in discussions with broadcast and cable networks about allowing their content on its site, says Kevin Conroy, AOL’s executive in charge of video strategy. He wouldn’t elaborate further. AOL will allow downloads to personal computers and would like to enable people to use its service to interact with Apple Computer’s popular iTunes site if Apple will permit it, he says.”

“Though video is a bright spot for AOL, by itself it won’t solve AOL’s woes such as the dropoff in subscribers to its dial-up service. Investors are hoping that AOL will be able to capitalize on its leadership in video,” Berr reports.

Full article here.

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  1. They already do this for music, I don’t see why the AOL/iTunes relationship can’t extend to video too. Let people browse videos on the AOL site and when they click to purchase, it launches iTunes and downloads from there…

  2. Hmm, not too sure that I care too much about being able to buy AOL videos, but if they enabled you to browse and purchase AOL vidoes from within iTunes, I’d be all for it. The more choices and content the better. Gross Margin on videos is so small anyway that it really wouldn’t have much of an effect on Apple’s bottom line.

  3. AOL is a unit of Time Warner who has one of the biggest stock piles of content on the planet, they don’t need to partner with anyone else and they could deliver mass quantities of video, right now.

    Time Warner has been trying to justify AOL due to the mentioned “shrinking dialup” revenues (not too mention AOL just sucks and is not a good deal for users, currently. That could change if they market the content right. Think about all the Time-Life videos that could be available as “free to members”. Sound like a subscription service wearing a new suit to anyone else?

    Lets all hope and pray that they use an open DRM scheme rather than proprietary MS technology.

  4. Reminds me of a story in a galaxy far far away…..

    When they were MAC ONLY, the force was strong….
    but they let the DARK side in…….. Now…….
    DIE why dont you!

  5. Obi Wan…

    I thought I was the only one who remembers AOL started out as Mac only on AppleLink and the differential pricing between 300 baud verus 1200 baud. You’re ancient too? (18 years ago is not THAT long ago was it?)

    Now where did I put that AOL 0.92 disk (400k single sided IIRC)? I’d need it if I ever wanted to use my charter account, I’m sure.

  6. “the only thing AOL is good at is filling up my mailbox with cd tins.”

    You know, if we could round up all the AOL tins and CDs that are in landfills right now, we could probably stack them to the moon at least.

    AOL should be fined for some type of pollution violation or something!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> They have ridiculous commercials about how AOL “protects” you from x,x, and SPAM – but they have PHYSICAL SPAM laying all over the planet. Instead of looking through a magazine and having 5 subscription cards fall out, now you have 5 AOL CDs drop to the ground (I don’t pick them up). They must have burned at least 100 copies of AOL installation CDs for all 6 billion people on the planet. FN’A!

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