Apple: expect MacBook Pro shortages

“Apple Computer will likely run into shortages of its first Intel-based laptop when the machine debuts next month, company executives said as they laid out the Mac contribution to its most profitable quarter ever,” Gregg Keizer reports for TechWeb. “‘We may not be able to meet the demand on the MacBook Pro,’ said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, in a telephone briefing to analysts and reporters. ‘The limited number of weeks to ship [the MacBook Pro] in the second quarter, and the very strong response we’ve gotten means we may not be able to meet demand.'”

“‘Shortages like this are one of the effects of Apple keeping announcements quiet,’ said Joe Wilcox, an analyst with JupiterResearch. ‘Many companies will begin moving product through the channel before an announcement. Sometimes you’ll even see Microsoft software on store shelves before it’s announced.’ But Apple, which historically keeps new product news close to its vest, doesn’t have the luxury of pre-stocking the channel,” Keizer reports. “‘The more people who know about it, the more chance there is of the secret getting out,’ said Wilcox. There’s another issue here, though, Wilcox continued: the fact that the new Apple laptop relies on a just-released Intel processor. ‘It’s more than just Apple secrecy this time. There are a number of Core Duo notebooks that have been announced that aren’t available,’ he said.”

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  1. Joe does a decent job at Jupiter, but what rubbish is he talking about?!? The POTENTIAL shortage has nothing to do with Apple keeping things quiet. That’s nonsensical.

  2. Ha.

    Could there BE more pent-up demand from Mac users stuck with G4s?

    Could there BE more pent-up demand from Windows users sick of viruses and downtime?

    Could there BE more pent-up demand from iPod owners who are ready for a new computer?

    Could there BE anything more droolworthy than a 1″ thin aluminum slab with built-in camera, lighted keys, a gamer’s 3D board, brighter screen, dual CPU cores, and the option to run Windows at full speed if ya gotta?

    Heck I don’t even NEED a new laptop and I’m on the verge of buying a MacBook Pro.

    Problem meeting demand? No kidding!

    When new sizes of MacBook appear (and they will!) that could help… unless Intel can’t make enough Core Duos! The iMac is already snapping up a lot of them… oh, and all the other PC makers once Intel lets ’em have any ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I think Apple should advertise!! Tell everyone about this great product that nobody can buy!

    I think Apple is doing just fine. When you are struggling to keep up with demand, who needs advertising?

  4. well, I’m not sure about macbook pro. especially everything has been on transition. it’s just beginning. so I don’t think that it will be shortage. I guess it will be shortage after few more months which all pro Apps, third party software will be encoded to universal binaries. yeah, I am sure. but not first quarter at least.

  5. If you listened to the call, the CFO hinted that they might run out of the intel iMac. I believe his statement was “as supplies last”. They are already weeks behind on the FM accessory for the ipod. (I think they were a little behind the ball on this one).

    The fact I thought was interesting was how much money they make on accessories for the ipod. He doesnt state a number but mentions it twice. Maybe Apple should look into buying out one of the companys in that business.

  6. “‘Shortages like this are one of the effects of Apple keeping announcements quiet… Many companies will begin moving product through the channel before an announcement. Sometimes you’ll even see Microsoft software on store shelves before it’s announced.”

    This makes no sense. The product will ship when it’s ready to ship. The only effect that early announcement has is to ramp up expectations so that when the product does ship, it sells quickly. This doesn’t create a shortage. The product would be in short supply regardless of when it was announced. All early announcement does is put a positive spin on the shortage by allowing the company to point to strong demand.

    BTW, if I see another scurrying cockroach on this website, I’m going to sign up for metaphysical broadband so I can barf on my DSL modem and have my lunch ooze out of MDN’s servers. Cut it out, MDN!!!

  7. Actually, while there was an admission they might get behind on the Intel iMacs, the “while supplies last” statement was made in reference to the iMac G5 and other G5 products answering a question about clearing out old inventory.

    Apple has expressed little doubt about not being able to meet demand for the MacBook Pro for over a week now, as Steve Jobs hinted very plainly in his keynote.

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