With Intel-based Macs now appearing, Apple looks to steal more customers from Windows

“Apple Computer on Tuesday unleashed its strongest weapons yet to chip away at Microsoft Corp.’s dominance of the PC market,” May Wong writes for The Associated Press. “In unveiling computers and laptops with Intel Corp.’s microprocessors, Apple is tapping not only the latest chip technologies that rival makers of Windows-based PCs will use but also the vast marketing power that Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor company, delivers… With the success of its iPod players and flashy retail stores, Apple has already begun stealing customers from the Windows camp. After years of hovering around 3 percent, Apple last year cracked 4 percent of the U.S. PC market.

“The move to Intel chips will only boost Apple’s sales and will instantly erase the perception that Macintosh computers lag behind Windows-based PCs in performance, analysts say. ‘Now consumers can buy a Mac that is three times faster and for the same price,’ said Nathan Brookwood, analyst with Insight 64 research firm. Apple’s historic shift to Intel microprocessors came months earlier than expected as Jobs debuted an iMac desktop and a notebook based on the chip makers’ new two-brained processor, the Intel Core Duo,” Wong writes. “When it first announced plans to switch in June, Apple said it expected to begin making the transition by mid-2006. On Tuesday, Jobs was joined at the MacWorld Expo by Intel CEO Paul Otellini to unveil the new jointly designed computers. Jobs said its entire Mac line will be converted to Intel by the end of this calendar year. ‘Companies don’t typically under promise and over deliver, and that’s exactly what Apple has done,’ Sam Bhavnani, analyst with Current Analysis, said of the early launch.”

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  1. With Intel processors being well RECEIVED, Apple can now begin the next phase of recouping from the market share debacle of the 80’s and 90’s by __advertising the mac__.

    The stage is set:
    – iTunes got even windows users acustomed to the Mac menu systems, Spotlight search tool and it’s location, and of course, the ease of use
    – iLife ’06 is so incredible due to it’s integration the Windows alternative becomes rediculous – pay $49 a peice for three or four apps whose only common integration is the file system so to insert a digital photo into a home movie requires a map of your file system – BLAH!
    – “Intel Inside” helps consumers to feel more confident about the hardware and also compare the systems to see what, if any, premium they are paying for a Mac.
    – The Web has made file formats common ground – no more should people worry if their document can be opened on the Mac
    – Finally, a 5 year commitment from Microsoft to supply OS X with Office gives those interested in working from home a familiar app to do it with.

    Ten years from now, Macs will rule the home. PC’s in the office will limp along behind well managed firewalls and supported by large tech groups. Really, in corporate environments, its MS Office and a short list of custom apps that people use day in and day out. Apple has little room to compete there. But the Home market can finally take advantage of the vision Jobs and Apple had back before technology could support it.

    If you want to see the future, take a look at iLife ’06 on an Intel iMac.

  2. Come on Apple (read Steve Jobs), give the world some advertising that lives up to the promise of your computers. Let everyone know how great OSX is.


    Put an ad on every iPod. Now that wouldn’t be too difficult for you, would it?

  3. Artisticulated: Intel’s CEO appeared in one of the suits which appeared in the new Mac Ad, the clean-suits inside the manufacturing plant, not a bunny-suit, as it was misreported by many news sites.

    MW: brought
    “Apple, with Intel’s help, has brought us the revolution 5 monthes early!”

  4. ron wrote:
    “Put an ad on every iPod. Now that wouldn’t be too difficult for you, would it?”

    How about putting a version of the “Welcome to Mac OSX” video you can watch when you first install OSX (10.4) onto the new iPods?

    MW: good
    That would be good.

  5. One thing that really concerns me (well 2: I’m very upset about the firewire issue) is the total lack of 64 bit processors in Intel’s lineup. I hope they have something really good in the pipeline for the powerMacs (MacMac Pros??) when they ship or, even with better INT and FPU scores, they’ll underperform the G5s in current machines…. I guess we have less than a year to wait to find out in any case!

  6. 3 times faster….hmmmmm.
    So if it took 30 seconds to perform that filter in Photoshop with my Powerbook it will now take 10 seconds or less???
    My AfterEffects movie that took 10 minutes to render now does it under 3 minutes?

    And this is all true using Rosetta???

    Where´s the battery use info for the McBooks?

  7. Well, a MacBook Pro costs about 10% of the car, and it will make you more productive. The car doesn’t change anything. On the other hand, the car can be everything.

  8. One thing I gotta ask…

    Are Those SCREWS that can be seen on the side of the new MacBook?


    I remember reading an article about a year ago that described the making of the previous “PowerBook” at Apple. Steve Jobs was FERVENT about not allowing any visible screws on the external case. What happened? Why’d we get “screwed.” (no pun intended!)

  9. I can stand Mactel but please don’t start referring to pro Macs as MacMacs. If Apple is going to change the name of the PowerMac line don’t you think they’d go with Mac?

  10. I also don’t believe the rumor about the “iBook” being changed to “MacBook.”

    Afterall, the kept the same name for the ‘iMac,” so why would they change the “iBook?” They will continue using “i” to distinguish the consumer line from the pro line.

    They only reason they changed the pro line names is because it had the word “power” in front, and they want to distance themselves from the PowerPC.

    2 cents

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