RUMOR: Apple iBook to become ‘MacBook’ while ‘MacBook Pro’ will offer more screen size choices soon

The persistent rumors floating around Macworld Expo are very simple, but still contain information of interest and might help clarify some questions:

1. “MacBook” replaces both “PowerBook” and “iBook.” The “MacBook Pro” will replace the “PowerBook” when it is discontinued (it’s still being sold by Apple) and “MacBook” will replace “iBook” (which is also still being sold).
2. At least two MacBook Pro models are coming “soon,” but weren’t ready to be presented. A smaller screen compact portable MacBook Pro and at least one larger screen MacBook Pro will round out the model line.
3. The Mac mini with new features, software and a whole lot of other surprises are due to be delivered consistently throughout the year via special media events and regular Apple events.

Those are the three main rumors that we feel confident enough to report as “rumors.” However, they are rumors, so please take them with a grain of salt.

MacBook Pro. The first Mac notebook built upon Intel Core Duo with iLife ’06, Front Row and built-in iSight. Starting at $1999. Free shipping.
iMac. Twice as amazing — Intel Core Duo, iLife ’06, Front Row media experience, Apple Remote, built-in iSight. Starting at $1299. Free shipping.
iPod Radio Remote. Listen to FM radio on your iPod and control everything with a convenient wired remote. Just $49.
iPod. 15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 150 hours of video. The new iPod. 30GB and 60GB models start at just $299. Free shipping.
Connect iPod to your television set with the iPod AV Cable. Just $19.


  1. emax,

    Hence MDN’s use of the descriptive “very simple” for the rumors listed above. Good to have them in a report, very simple or not. Apple could’ve just come out and said it, but they want to sell some 15-inch MacBook Pro units while the rest of us wait for more model options.

  2. I have a question that isn’t exactly on point, but I read somewhere that the computers introduced yesterday do not use proprietary motherboards-whatever that means, related to Apple and OS X.

    If I read that right, does that mean that it’ll be easier to get 10.4.4 to run on Windoze machines, driver issues aside than first thought? (I hope it’s extremely difficult if not impossible)

  3. Wow, that’s going out on a limb. Considering that Steve Jobs said that all Macs will be powered by Intel by the end of the year, I’d say these rumors are pretty much a guarantee.

  4. Frankly, that’s not really a great scoop, but more of an educated guess.

    The MacBook pro seemed like a rushed product, without finishing up the proBook product line before its official launch.

    I was surprised not to see a more aggressive move toward controlling the living room experience.

  5. “This does add fuel to the fire that the new pro desktops will be renamed “Mactel”. Makes sense now.”

    Um, no it doesn’t. But please, email me what you’re smoking.

  6. seeing that many of Apple’s rivals made Core Duo announcements at the CES, I guess Apple pretty much had to release some kind of laptop with Core Duo, in order to keep up.

    This is going to be fun to watch.

  7. At the end of the keynote yesterday, it seemed he was setting up April 1st as another big day to introduce things. He mentioned that it was Apple’s 30th birthday, but then kind of let left it dangling. Maybe that is when something big will be announced.

  8. Seeing that many of Apple’s rivals made Core Duo announcements at the CES, I guess Apple pretty much had to release some kind of laptop with Core Duo, in order to keep up with the competition.

    This is going to be fun to watch.

  9. if PowerBook became MacBook
    does that mean PowerMac
    becomes MacMac?

    Or if it still has dual dual-cores
    do we call it a Mac to the 4th power (can’t do superscript on the 4)

  10. I always wondered why the rumors were for iBook updated first considering 1) PowerBooks were in more dire need for an update and 2) pretty much any Yonah would have made an iBook faster than the more expensive iBook and 3) Intel hasn’t come up to speed with production yet (meaning you can’t update everything at once, you must be selective).

    Well, the announcements pretty much bear it out. It is rather spooky that now the MacBook Pros and iMacs are about as powerful as the PowerMacs.

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