Episode 2 of Microsoft Windows Vista, Bill Gates CES keynote video spoof now online

“CES opened on Wednesday in Las Vegas with the annual keynote presentation by Bill Gates and his team… As I watched Bill demonstrate the features of Vista a sense of deja vu washed over me. It was like I’ve seen it all somewhere before… In Episode 2 of “Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista,” Bill covers Spotlight and Parental Controls in Vista, I mean Search and, uh, Parental Controls,” Tauquil Atkinson writes for Tauquil’s Blog.

See Episode 1 and the new Episdoe 2 of the videos (Quicktime required) here.

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  1. exactly. Not only that, it is more than 50% of Google and has doubled its value faster than Google. Wanna bet that Apple will double again before Google?

    MS stagnates, biggest but stagnates.

  2. We do hope Apple brings out a computer that breaks through to the masses and is snapped up in quantity by PC owners

    The masses go for the cheapest of the lot, not the best of the lot. Apple strives to produce the best of the lot, even if it has the highest price of the lot. The two things do not have a convergence pattern to follow.

    The masses select at Fry the “Best Deal”, then end up paying at times more than a Mac but feel good: they had the best deal, the others are Mac users that believe everything Jobs say. Best deal PC users are instead the smartest: they know where to put their money.


  3. Just a note: have a colleague with a Wintel and its usual add-on expenditures just to make it run. This guy goes with over 100$ yearly subscriptions fees, and some 300$ worth software used only for maintenance.

    3 years ago he bought his PC and saved some 300$ over my G5, but I have a bigger HD, bluetooth, wireless and OS X.
    I know he sees how stupid his savings was but he is so much in denial that keeps justifying that the additional money he spent are not to be put in the tag for the PC. He lies, he knows I know he lies but will never admit it.

    I earn more than him and am in higher position in the company. Coincidence?

  4. No ‘hammer’, Mycrowsoft doesn’t have a creative bone in its body, you’re right.

    It has TOO many products, TOO many aspirations, TOO many chiefs, TOO many rules, TOO many people there for the money not the creativity, TOO higher expectations put on it, TOO much greed, TOO much scorn for others, TOO much willingness to copy, AND TWO TOO many bosses called Ballmer & Gates…

    The downward spiral of Microsoft was underway a couple of years ago. The start of 2006 has demonstrated its downward spiral to the whole world.

    While Apple’s UPWARD spiral is well underway and it will be shown to the world AGAIN on Tuesday.


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