Episode 2 of Microsoft Windows Vista, Bill Gates CES keynote video spoof now online

“CES opened on Wednesday in Las Vegas with the annual keynote presentation by Bill Gates and his team… As I watched Bill demonstrate the features of Vista a sense of deja vu washed over me. It was like I’ve seen it all somewhere before… In Episode 2 of “Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista,” Bill covers Spotlight and Parental Controls in Vista, I mean Search and, uh, Parental Controls,” Tauquil Atkinson writes for Tauquil’s Blog.

See Episode 1 and the new Episdoe 2 of the videos (Quicktime required) here.

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  1. Bob H,you make some good points. But I disagree with your statement that “zillions of PC owners” will be switching to Vista. There are still plenty of PC owners who use Windows 98 and the horrible Millenium Edition ( I think blue must be these people’s favorite color). Not everybody can dish out hundreds of dollars everytime Microsoft releases a new operating system or Office Suite. And we all know Vista is going to need some serious hardware to take advantage of all it’s features.

    And iPods had already gained a sizable share of the MP3 player market BEFORE iTunes became available to Windows XP users.

    The back of my XP Upgrade box has this statement:
    “Store and share your pictures, make music mixes, or create videos – dependably and securely.”

    It’s not the Mac Cultists sippin’ the kool-aid, it’s the “zillion of PC owners” that believe that statement who are doing the sipping.

  2. Bob H,

    I love folks like you. I’ve made 1000% on AAPL in the last 3 years. Growth in CPU sales is 30+%. Think it’s not sustainable? If sales double every year for 3 years that’s still only a 24% market share. Do you remember seeing any Corvette ads lately? That’s because they already sell all the Corvettes they make, without advertising. As far as the Apple stores, it’s far more effective than TV ads that would get people into a Fry’s or Best Buy where the high school drop out sales staff will steer them away from Macs and to the Dell aisle because the margins are better and because they are totally ignorant of anything but Windoze first-person shooters. I was in CompUSA last week looking for a Mac keyboard. The helpful and professional sales clerk didn’t know that a Mac keyboard has USB ports and didn’t even seem to know what a USB port looked like.

    The Mac Mini is in the same position as the iPod before the iTunes store opened. I suspect we will see a whole new niche for the Mac mini by the end of next week. But you keep right on dissing Apple, Bob. Meantime, I’ll be paying for an Ivy League university education out of my AAPL holdings.

  3. “Once Vista comes out watch the zillions of PC owners start upgrading. (Heck, there are more Windows 98 owners using the internet than all Mac OS users combined.)”

    Ha! You just negated your own argument, zilions won’t upgrade BECAUSE they are still using Windows 98 and are stuck there!

  4. Those millions of Win98 users are probably in about the same position I was. I refused to buy another OS from MS. When Win98 died I bought a PowerMac G5 and never looked back. Do you think Win98 users are going to be happy about spending $1500 on a new machine to run the same old crap with a couple more bells and whistles that make it even more buggy and complex? Or do you think the just might spend $500 on a Mac Mini with OS X? Or even $1500 on a killer iMac with extra memory, a superdrive, ilife, an iSight, and extra HD space?

  5. I don’t understand why is it that every company with a patent is suing Apple for infringement, but M$ gets to blatently rip off Mac OS 10.4 without so much as a sniffle from Apple’s lawyers? Any blind fool can see that Vista is mostly stolen from Apple, so where is the outrage?

    I hate it when the bad guys win.

  6. @montex
    Thats because Apple signed an open agreement allowing Bill Gates to copy aspects of the Mac Classic GUI back in 1987 which is something that MS does to this day. I think it was John Sculley that signed it with Gates.

  7. Apple sales are 67% up in Europe and slightly over 50% in the US and 49% more in the world. And, as you say, without much ads. Seems some people is noticing: these sales are NOT just old faithfuls upgrading their old gears.

    OS X is the largest Unix distribution in the world. Concerning market share: are you comparing apples to apples? when you do a 5% vs 90% (actually less than that) you are comparing OS X vs Windows on market data that comes from computer brand vs computer brand. The closing-down PC assemblers are not happier just because everyone counted against Apple are around 90%. They could not care because they are closing doors. On market share, count brand against brand then you can get a meaningful info and see who is in the black (Apple, Dell and who else?!) and who is in the red (the rest of the pack)

    Apple is doing extremely fine, thank you all.

  8. Zeke I think you and others might be missing Bob H. points:
    He is saying that sales of Apple computers could be higher but Steve does not know how to advertise them properly.
    There may be a few Apple stores in selected areas but even you don´t go to one – you admit u went to CompUSA looking for a Mac keyboard last week.

    And Zeke: “I’ve made 1000% on AAPL in the last 3 years.”
    LOL Zeke.” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    Your note about Corvette – owned by GM. GM is on the verge of possible bankruptcy. GM lost nearly $4 billion in the first nine months of 2005, 30,000 job cuts. Maybe they need to advertise more and sell more Corvettes. And do you realize how few Corvettes are sold??? Sales are down over 15% this year.

    Zeke: “Meantime, I’ll be paying for an Ivy League university education out of my AAPL holdings.”
    LOL,LOL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” /> So you are in high school now????
    Let´s see Harvard tuition costs around $40,000 year…plus living expenses another $15,000-$20,000 a year X at least 4 years. And you are going to make all that money from Apple stock before you graduate from high school?

    And your 30% growth in CPU sales…are you falling into the “accounting” trap of not considering that some people classify the iPod as having a CPU in it…AND that every power mac is at least a dual processor and two processors may be sold – but only one computer is sold???

    The bottom line is that Mac share of the market is still under 5%. Apple is profitable and we are all paying a premium price to make sure they are. We wish Apple would sell more product so it could lower its prices.
    We do hope Apple brings out a computer that breaks through to the masses and is snapped up in quantity by PC owners like the iPod is.

  9. Jan and Dean: Apple sales coud be higher but they sell computers. Apple has been penalized quite few times because unable to have units in good quantities from their suppliers. Currently it is a continuos rush: hopefully Intel will be able and willing to supply Apple with as many CPUs it happens to need, either 1 million, 2 millions or 5 millions in a Quarter. And that just with a phone call rather than having to build additional factories and hope in few months to be able to ramp up production (recent history).

    Growth in CPU sales: Apple internally does not fall into that trap. Units are computer units, a laptop counts as one and a Dual G5 counts for one. A Quad counts for one.

    Mac shares of the market is still less than 5%, but Dell is ~18%, HP is ~15%, IBM (Lenovo now) is ~6.5%, Fujitsu is ~3.8% and Acer is ~3.2% .

    In 88 Apple sold less that one million units in one whole year and had a world market share of around 6%. Today it sells over one million units in ONE Quarter and it does not reach 5%. In the last two years it has beaten hands down the overal growth of computer sales, but pundits still talk about an ailing Apple. This is more remarkable than the last two remarkable years of the most profitable computer manufacturer in the world.

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