Report: Apple portable using Intel Robson cache technology may be launched this month

“Although Intel only demonstrated its Robson cache technology in the fourth quarter of last year, sources now claim that Apple Computer will launch a notebook computer in the middle of this month that utilizes the NAND flash based cache memory technology,” Hans Wu, Danny Kuo and Esther Lam report for DigiTimes. “The sources did not say which line of Apple notebooks would implement the technology, and Apple Taiwan was not available for comment at the time of publication.”

“Robson cache technology relies on NAND flash instead of a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) for starting up a computer or launching frequently used applications, and thus is able to significantly improve the computer’s boot up time, as well as battery life. Intel demonstrated the technology with a Centrino-based notebook during the Intel Developer Forum Taipei in October 2005,” Wu, Kuo and Lam report.

Full article here.

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  1. “don’t believe this rumor. this is not a feature exclusive to the laptop line.”

    It may not be exlusive to laptops, but it is most *useful* in laptops, where you want to be able to conserve power by shutting down as opposed to putting the machine to sleep, and yet still get instant-on where you left off when you open the lid.

    This would be a big feature, and one Apple would do well to launch with first as it would be first-to-market.

  2. “It may not be exlusive to laptops, but it is most *useful* in laptops, where you want to be able to conserve power by shutting down as opposed to putting the machine to sleep, and yet still get instant-on where you left off when you open the lid.”

    Yeah, everyone will be happy about instant-on laptops, but this technology is big for a living-room media device. Maybe the revamped Mac mini (we’ll see). One of the problems media centers have had is that are slow booting computers and people want to walk into a room, push a button and be entertained within seconds. This boot wait has been a killer to adoption of media center computers.

  3. With cost pressures (and gross margin pressures) I believe we’ll see this in the PowerBooks first – with the iBook following when pricing goes down. Would love to be able to “enhance” my PB by using the empty card slot for this. Pity that won’t happen.

    If this comes out for the PB watch all of the other OEMs making another mad dash to catch up.

  4. With NAND and Yonah 2.13GHz, the mini is shaping up to be one EXPENSIVE computer. I’d expect the price to start around $2299 at this point.

    It’ll have a 160GB 2.5in HD with parallel recording, Double-layer DVD, a new video chip, airport ultima, bluetooth 2.1, that iPod h.264 encoder/decoder, a remote, a tiny color LCD screen, an iPod dock, FiberChannel to connect to the miniRAID, and a tiny liquid cooling system without increasing the size. The case though will be made of a highly porous copper.

  5. Attention Apple users.

    If you think Apple will be the first vendor using any of Intel’s new technologies – keep drinking your cool aid.

    Apple is a 3rd tier buyer, they have about as much of a chance of getting their hands on anything cutting edge from Intel as the 15 year old down the block who builds a PC in their basement. Actually the kid has a better chance because she would be using standards based PC hardware.

    Yes, once again we in the “real IT world” will support the standards based environment of the Microsoft PC.

    As a side note 2006 will be the year of the PC user. The soon to be released Vista OS will change the computing world forever. Furthermore with the now wide spread acceptance of the .NET framework on the web and on PC’s Apple computers will no longer be able to access all of the fresh and exciting media being offered by MS and their partners.


  6. Sputnik,
    The “real IT world” is such a hilarious phrase since it suggests that only business drives the entire world of computers. Here’s a question for you: How many people (and businesses) do you know that still use Windows 98,ME,and 2000? The rate of adoption among all users has slowed tremendously in the last few years. Vista won’t change that. In fact Vista won’t change much at all since it is still mired in backward compatibility with those older systems. .NET is ridiculous and the “fresh and exciting media” you refer to is what exactly? TV shows? Oh..sorry ITMS already has that. Movies? Oh…wait until January 10th. A truly modern OS? Oh…sorry…Vista is a rehash and poor copy of what Tiger has had for a long time and Leopard will simply reiterate what everyone at Microsoft already knows. Apple OWNS the word Innovation and the term “brilliant marketing” should be their slogan. It’s easy for PC Fanboys to slag on Apple for being all “marketing driven” but THAT’s as real as anything else. People have to persuaded to try something new and change if they like it better. Hence the huge gains Apple has seen in the past year. That trend is NOT likely to be changed by Vista, .NET or anything out of Redmond in 2006. Please sell your 2 year old Dell for a quarter and buy a clue.

  7. “Actually the kid has a better chance because she would be using standards based PC hardware.”

    Sputnik, I think you just revealed something about yourself! “She”? “SHE?”

    Everyone in the “real IT world” and beyond knows that the household PC market is driven overwhelmingly by teenage (and older teenage-wannabes) BOYS who know little more about computing than how to rip/play/disseminate GAMES!

    Are you, by any chance, female? Or do you just dress that way?

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